Seven Money Saving Secrets the Big Advertisers’ Don’t Want You to Know About

Seven Secrets on Saving Money

Seven Secrets on Saving Money

Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult-if you take the steps to make it simple.  This is especially true if you follow the seven secrets outlined in this post.  Read on to learn more about how saving money is easier than you thought.

  1. Don’t Shop Without a List.  And when you do head out with your shopping list, remember that if it’s not on the list, then you don’t need it.  This will prevent you from being derailed by impulse buys.
  2. Keep Your Coupons Organized.  What’s the point of taking so much time to clip coupons if you can’t find them when you need to use them?  A great way to organize your coupons is to organize them alphabetically in file folders.  Then when you put your shopping list together you can pair each item on your list to the applicable coupon(s).
  3. Make Buying Online a Top Priority.  Since Internet retailers don’t have as much overhead as their brick and mortar counterparts they’re in a unique position to pass on savings to you.  Also, when you combine that with how much easier it can be to find deeply discounted coupons online versus offline; shopping online just works out better.
  4. Brown Bag It.  With the average cost of a fast food meal in the US hovering between $7 and $8, it’s really easy to go over your budget if you’re buying lunch every day.  Keep in mind that if you’re eating fast food every day these are just the short term costs.  When you factor in the health costs of a fast food diet, the costs get much higher.  So resist the fast food temptation, carry your lunches and you can start saving money today.
  5. Eat in Often.  If you prepare dinners that are nutritional and don’t take long to prepare, it will be much easier for you to avoid frequent trips to the restaurants.  There are thousands of websites online offering free, tasty and easy recipes for you to prepare at home.  You can still eat out, but try limiting your restaurant visits to special occasions and you’ll be saving money in no time!
  6. Go to Your Pantry for Beauty Care.  Did you know that many of your skin care needs can be addressed with everyday kitchen items?   For example, you can use items like honey, lemons, cucumbers, milk and baking soda to help you care for your skin.
  7. Avoid Shopping When You’re Stressed.  It’s been shown in studies that consumers spend more when they’re stressed or depressed.  The next time you’re feeling stressed out, try to find something else to do besides shopping.  For example, you can try working out or catching up on some reading.

We’ve just gone over seven secrets that will help you save more money.  If you can consistently use these secrets your budget will thank you for it.  For more money saving secrets, get our free newsletter-as a special bonus you’ll receive the Saving Money Power Tips ebook for free!


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