Three Ways to Enhance Your Fashion Flair with Color

Enhance Your Fashion Flair

Enhance Your Fashion Flair

To say that color impacts fashion would be a gross understatement.   Not only does color help to add flair to your attire but it goes a few steps further.  Colors can help enhance the undertones in our skin and they also help us to non-verbally communicate our feelings.  We’re at our best when we wear colors that complement each other, complement our skin tones, and complement our moods.

Color Coordinating Your Attire

The general rule of thumb is that dark and light shades complement one another due to the fact that they enhance each other’s visibility. On the other hand, it’s usually the case that the greater the similarity between two colors, the more they are likely to clash with each other.

For example, black and dark blue are colors that repel each other. In contrast, yellow and blue complement one another.  This is something that you can easily apply to your outfits.  Coordinating your tops and bottoms this way enhances your look.  For example, a blue pair of shorts looks really good with a yellow shirt.

Complement Your Undertones

Although it’s great to know whether your clothes match each other, it’s even better when the colors in your outfit complement your skin tone as well.  Unfortunately, most people have no idea which colors suit them. If this happens to be you, don’t worry.  There are two easy ways to find which colors complement your skin tones:

  • Simply pay attention to the colors that you have on when you get the most compliments.
  • Go to a store that sells fabric swatches in different colors, pick out the colors that you like the most.   Stand in front of a mirror and place each swatch, one by one, next to your face.   If your attention is drawn to your face before you notice the fabric, then this color compliments your skin undertones.  If your eyes are drawn to the fabric first, then this is not your color.

Color as a Communication Aid

As you can see, color plays a major role in our fashion appeal; but did you know that the colors we wear also help to communicate our feelings?  Here’s a brief summary of what your colors might be saying about you:

  • Black communicates simplicity, however, it can also communicate a steadfast or rigid intent
  • Blue communicates open communication and reliability
  • Brown communicates confidence and getting things done
  • Purple communicates enlightenment
  • Red communicates assertiveness as well as family connections
  • Yellow communicates energy, exuberance, and excitement
  • White communicates clarity and fresh starts

We’ve just seen how the right colors can enhance our wardrobe, bring out our own skin tones, and help us communicate.  If you ever want feel the need to add flair to your attire just try these tips and you’ll be amazed.  When you’re ready just head over to our online store where we’ve got tops and bottoms in a wide spectrum of shades and colors-from soft to bright and in warm and cold tones.

Do you have anything that you’d like to share with us on using color to enhance your flair?  Please share what you have by commenting below.   And if you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends or like it on our Fan Page.

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