Three Common Threads Amongst Boutique Clothing Craft Business Owners

Common Threads Boutique Clothing

Common Threads Boutique Clothing Craft Series

Chances are that if you’ve been following our blog for a while you are familiar with our Boutique Clothing Craft Series.   However, just in case you’re not, here’s a quick summary.

Each month we have a question and answer session with different boutique clothing craft company owners.  The Boutique Clothing Crafts Series has quickly become one of the most popular segments of our blog.   You can find these posts under our blog’s “Boutique Clothing Craft Series” category.

Here are the links to each of our Boutique Clothing Craft Series posts:


Typically, the boutique clothing craft and embroidery companies that we’ve spoken to, buy blank t-shirts, bodysuits, and other products from various vendors (including ourselves).  Afterwards they customize these pieces by adding monograms, appliqués, stitched designs, custom prints, and other creative modifications to the garment before selling the finished products to their customers.

Even though the six business owners that we’ve spoken to have probably never met each other, there seem to be three common threads amongst their stories.  These commonalities are:

Circle of Influence

If you were to pick a random entrepreneur in your city and look at their list of contacts, more often than not, you’d probably find it to be sizeable.  Such is the case with boutique clothing business owners, as well.  In fact, the ability to tap into a personal network of family and friends to get their initial stream of orders, seems to be a recurring theme among the group of owners that we’ve spoken to so far.  Some of the owners even said that it was their family and friends who noticed their talent and encouraged them to start their businesses.


As just about any business owner will tell you, there are challenges inherent to starting and running a business.  The most common challenge amongst the six business owners that we’ve spoken to seems to be the challenge of meeting customer demand and expectations.  As a result, we have been told that running this type of business requires lots of commitment and determination.


There’s a lot of creativity and imagination that goes into customizing these garments.  It made me curious about how each boutique clothing crafter is able to come up with what seems to be an endless supply of unique designs.  So I asked each business person how they manage to find the inspiration to design their pieces.  The response that seemed to come up the most often was they either thought about the person who they were making the item for, or imagined the outfit on a family member-like a child, grandchild, or niece or nephew.

Whether you already have a boutique clothing and embroidery business or whether you’re thinking of starting one -or- whether you own or are considering starting a different type of business, we can each learn a great deal from these stories.  I encourage you to take a look at these posts if you haven’t done so already.  Also, if you’d like for us to feature your business in the Boutique Clothing Craft Series please email us at  Thanks!

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  1. Yasminzi

    Hey users. This is my very first post here and I need some support. I’m looking for a place where I can discover some scrapbooking sketches. They can be no cost or paid, I’m open to all tips. Thanks!

    • Hi Yasminzi,

      Thank you for visiting our blog and we appreciate your comment. That’s a great question. Have you checked Wikipedia yet?

      They seem to have a nice amount of information on scrapbooking. I might try them first since they’ve got so many resources on their page. Thanks again and good luck!

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