Three Things Every New Parent Should Know About Baby Laundry

Baby Laundry Basics

Baby Laundry Basics

Babies can easily go through 2 to 4 changes of baby clothes each day. This explains why many new parents comment that their laundry duty more than doubled after they had their baby.  There are a couple of ways to approach the increased laundry responsibilities that come with a new baby and we’re going to show you how in the rest of this post.

The first thing you should consider doing to address your baby clothing needs, is buying your baby enough outfits to change your baby at least three times a day.  If you take this route, instead of having to do a bunch of small laundry cycles throughout the week, you can do one larger one and still have enough clothes to get you through the next few days or so.

Another area that seems to create lots of questions for new parents is whether to buy clothing detergent made specifically for babies or  just a regular clothing detergent. Although the general rule of thumb here is to wash your baby’s clothes with perfume and dye free detergent, the answer really depends upon your babies skin sensitivity.  Another thing that will depend upon your baby is whether or not you should use bleach on your baby’s white clothing.  If your baby has sensitive skin you may want to avoid bleach and heavy detergents.  As always consult your physician if you have questions about this.

Removing Baby Stains

Many of your babies clothing stains will have a high protein composition.  Here are some things that you can do to remove tough stains:

  1. Get the stained item into cold water as soon as you can. If you’re able to put it in the washer right after you finish soaking it you can let the item go through the cold cycle without detergent.  Usually this will prevent the stain from permanently setting into the clothing.
  1. Avoid using hot water on protein stains (formula, breast milk, diaper stains or baby food).  Hot water can actually cause these types of stains to permanently cook or fuse themselves into the fabric.
  1. If the stains are still there after your baby’s clothes have run through the cold cycle,  run some cold water into your tub and let the clothes soak there for 30 minutes or so.   Afterwards you can wash and rinse them in warm water.

In closing, the new responsibilities that come with becoming a new parent-such as washing your baby’s clothes- might seem daunting.  However, over time you’ll adjust.  And if you put these tips to use, your adjustment period could be even shorter.

By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about choosing the right clothes for your newborn we’ve also published a post that shows you how to make sure that you get the right clothes for your newborn.  If you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends using the share button below-thanks!

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