The Mechanics of Accessorizing Your T-Shirts

Accessorizing Your T-Shirts

Accessorizing Your T-Shirts

Today we’re revisiting one of our earlier posts on how to accessorize your t-shirts, but this time around we’d like to focus more on the inner-workings of accessorizing t-shirts.

You don’t have to go out and buy the most upscale jeans or wear the most expensive jewelry to make your t-shirts look fashionable.  As a matter of fact, you can be really stylish with nothing more than the right accessories, a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.  That’s what we’ll show you how to do in this post.

Combining the right accessories with your t-shirt can help complement your personality in a way that doesn’t go overboard.  Perhaps the reason for this is twofold:

  1. Accessories do a wonderful job of highlighting the more subtle qualities of your outfit while also drawing the eye away from less favorable qualities.
  2. Accessories can bring your outfit together.  For example, they can turn a plain t-shirt paired with jeans, a skirt or shorts into an ensemble that all works towards helping you achieve one complete or “put together” look.

Additionally, t-shirts and accessories go complement each other so well that when you’re wearing them together you really don’t need to add any designer clothing to have a standout outfit. Just the mere act of combining the right accessories with your t-shirt is sufficient to achieve the right look.

What Are the Right Accessories?

Jewelry, scarves, purses, belts, and shoes are just a few of the accessories that you can use to complement your t-shirt. Using the right combination of these items together can transform your t-shirt inspired outfit into a stunning fashion statement.

Choose accessories that work well with the texture and colors of your t-shirts. Also, you can stretch your budget by finding accessories that can work with several of your t-shirts, instead of just one. Try finding accessories that come in neutral colors.  For example, you could do this with black, brown, grey, white, ivory, or mauve colored accessories. Other col

ors that combine well with a wide array of fabrics and textures are colors like blue, green, red, or tan.  On the other hand, if your t-shirt selection is more mono-chromatic, consider brightly colored or patterned accessories that will go with several of your solid color tees.

Additional Accessory Considerations

Besides color there are also other considerations that you should keep in mind when choosing your accessories; such as the current season and the type of environment that you’ll be wearing the outfit in.  To choose season appropriate accessories you can review current fashion publications and pay attention to which accessories the models are wearing.  If you do use fashion magazines to help select your accessories just remember two things:

  • You should only wear accessories that you feel suit you and your personality
  • If the accessory clashes with the occasion you shouldn’t wear it

Accessorizing Your Jewelry

Make sure that your jewelry complements your clothing’s neckline. For example, if you’re wearing a V-neck t-shirt you can accent it by wearing a beautiful necklace with a pendant. If you have a detailed neckline with fancy trim or stitching, try wearing a nice bracelet and eye-catching earrings.

When it comes to accessories opposites work well.  For example, if you have an intricate necklace, you can wear it with a simple t-shirt and the two will complement each other. A long necklace will draw the focus away from your neck and face if that’s your goal. On the other hand, things to avoid would be accessories that take the attention from the rest of your outfit and focus all of the attention on the accessory itself.

A final word is that finding accessories to coordinate with your t-shirts can be lots of fun.  For the budget conscious, consider visiting garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, antique stores or consignment shops to find inexpensive accessories.  Not only can you save money, but the “hunt” for great deals can be enjoyable, too.

So the next time you feel like sporting your favorite tee, don’t forget to select the right set of accessories. Doing this will help you look your best every day.  We would love to hear your thoughts on this conversation?  Please share them below in the comment field.  Likewise, if you enjoyed this post please like it on Facebook.


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