Finding Product Reviews before Online Shopping

Online Product Review

Online Product Review

The more shopping you do online, the more you’re likely to encounter an online store that you’ve never purchased from before. The challenge that tends to present itself, in these instances, is that you don’t always know what to expect from an online store that you’re not familiar with.  Fortunately, this is where product reviews can help.  This post will show you how to minimize your buyer’s remorse by using product reviews to your advantage.

Product Reviews: The Benefits

The ability to find product reviews before you head online to make a purchase is something that you should take advantage of whenever you can. Typically, product reviews can be helpful when you’re trying to decide whether or not to purchase a particular product or if you’re trying to compare similar items.

However, it’s important to point out that there are different types of product reviews and some product reviews are more useful than others.

Many online retailers allow you to post a review on their site for products that you’ve purchased from them. These reviews typically fall into two categories and include consumer product reviews or reviews that have been offered in return for compensation. Consumer reviews are often amongst the best resources for consumers who want to learn more about a product.  These reviews are usually relatively candid and they can provide substantial insight into the form and functionality of the product in question.

Product Review Pitfalls

One of the downsides of reviews is that it’s not always readily apparent as to whether a review is paid or unpaid.  A paid review is a review that a merchant has actually paid for-usually they occur on the reviewers website rather than the retailer’s website.  However, sometimes the retailers put these paid reviews on their product pages.  This is why, even though reviews are helpful, you’re still encouraged to proceed with caution before basing your online purchasing decisions entirely upon a positive review.

Online shoppers who find the majority of consumers are satisfied with a particular product are typically able to rest assured knowing that they’ve selected a high quality product. On the other hand, online shoppers who consistently find negative reviews of a particular product may wish to consider purchasing a different item.


You’ve just seen how reading product reviews can help you make wise purchases or avoid unwise ones.  Of course, no one technique is 100% fool proof.  However, if you remember to keep these things in mind when you go shopping online, then the chances of you making a bad purchase are lower than they’d be if you didn’t keep an eye on the product reviews.

By the way, as an online clothing retailer, ourselves, Rock Bottom T-Shirts stands behind the product review concept and we strongly encourage you to post a review of our products anytime you purchase a product from us.  Conversely, if you’re considering purchasing something from us you can find the reviews below the product description.

Have you ever made an online purchase and then later on wished that you’d read the reviews first or better yet do you have additional tips on how using product reviews can help buyers to make better online purchasing decisions? We’d be happy to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below.


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  1. Consumer reviews are often amongst the best resources for consumers who want to learn more about a product.

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