How to Consistently Find Clothes for the Family at Wholesale Prices

Clothes for the Family at Wholesale Pricing

Finding Wholesale Clothing for the Entire Family

Don’t get me wrong, going to your local shopping mall or outlet store and finding clothing discounts of 20% to 40% is great.  However, the biggest issue with these types of deals is that they’re often hit or miss.  Either the sales are offered at inopportune times or the discounted merchandise only consists of stuff you don’t want.  This is why online shopping is such an amazing alternative.   In fact, by the time you finish reading this post you’ll know how to get fashionable and top quality blank casual clothing for the entire family at wholesale prices-every day of the week!

You may be wondering how an online clothing store is able to offer their merchandise at up to 60% off of the suggested retail price.  Although the answer varies somewhat by retailer the most common reasons are 1) they don’t have as many fixed costs as most brick and mortar retail outlets 2) they also tend to purchase items in larger lots than most retailers which means that they often pay less for their merchandise than other retailers do.  In the end the consumer wins by purchasing top quality clothing for the family at or near wholesale pricing.

Let’s take our online store, Rock Bottom T-Shirts, as an example.  Now granted…our items are blanks, meaning they aren’t printed with cute designs or funny sayings.  However, that’s all part of the fun of buying blank products- you get to decorate them yourselves and we even show you how to decorate and accessories your blank clothes on our blog!  Here are a few examples of the types of prices that you’ll find there:

Babies: Short Sleeve Baby Bodysuit – $3.59.  This bodysuit is durably stitched and super soft for baby’s comfort. You could easily spend $8 or more for a comparable bodysuit at a local retail shop.  More importantly, while you may be able to find basic white, light blue or pink bodysuits at your big box discount stores for the same price or less, you won’t find your brick and mortar stores carrying over 20 colors for your baby.  They just don’t have the space to do so.

Toddlers: Toddler Pullover Hoodie– $8.99.  These super-soft Toddler Pullover Hoodies are made to provide top notch durability for your little one and they come in 18 awesome colors!  At a local or national retailer you could easily spend $18 or more for a comparable hoodie.

Children: Long Sleeve Boys T-Shirts – $5.49.  These rugged and durable kids’t shirts are made with soft, breathable 100% cotton and come in 13 great colors!   You could easily pay $8 or more for a comparable t-shirt an offline retailer.

Women: Womens 2×1 Rib Tank Tops– $6.29. Comfy and sized for a flattering fit, this ribbed women’s tank top comes in 15 solid, stylish colors including white, black and two shades of pink. You could easily spend upwards of $14 at many offline retailers for a comparable women’s tank top.

Men: Camo T-shirt – Adult – $8.79.  This camo tee shirt is great for outdoor wear, patriotic pride or just as a favorite t-shirt.  A comparable camouflage t-shirt for men could cost you as much as $14 at a local retailer.  Need a camo t-shirt for hunting?  Check out our REALTREE® Camo T-Shirt – $11.99.  At most retailers a licensed camo t-shirt costs $25 or more, so this is a real bargain to get you ready for hunting season.

But it gets better; the prices mentioned above are our everyday prices.  We typically run one to two specials a month, and when this happens you’re often looking at less than wholesale pricing!  Whereas when an offline retailer offers a special the best case scenario is that their prices will almost match that of an “everyday price” at an online store.

Of course there are other considerations besides pricing such as convenience and quality.  But what could be more convenient than being able to find incredible deals on top quality merchandise without leaving the comfort of your home?

So how do you consistently find clothes for your entire family at wholesale pricing?  It’s easy…just let your mouse do the clicking and you do the shopping over at Rock Bottom T-Shirts!


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6 responses to “How to Consistently Find Clothes for the Family at Wholesale Prices

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  5. These are very good prices for what you a getting from this website. Do they deal with wholesale tshirts is mass quantity?

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Our primary goal is to offer affordable prices to businesses and families. So for that reason we offer the same low prices whether you purchase 1 or 1000 items.

      Hope that clarifies. Thank you again for commenting too!

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