An Inspiration – Baby Cheapskate’s 10 Ways to Have Fun This Summer for Under a Dollar

Image of a Family Having Fun Together

Have Fun With Your Family for Under $1

It’s not often that you’re able to find fun things that you can do with your family for under a dollar.  That’s why when we saw the post on Baby Cheapskate entitled, “Celebrating Summer: 10 Ways to Have Fun This Summer for $1 or Less” we couldn’t resist writing about it.  So today we wanted to share our thoughts on this post with you.

Why this post matters

Doing more with less helps you save money and it also puts less stress on the environment.  Plus, given the current economic outlook you can never save too much.  In short this post is highly relevant to our times.

Here’s a brief excerpt from Angie:

“Stroll an arts festival. Many arts festivals have children’s areas with arts, crafts and entertainment. If not, try an easy scavenger hunt: “Can you find a painting with an apple on it?”

As you can see these are all very well thought out activities.  This brings us to why I enjoyed this post…

What I Liked About the Post

  • Even though the title doesn’t hint at this fact all but one or two of these activities are things that you can do with the entire family.
  • If you would have asked me before reading this how many ways can a family go out and have fun together for less than $1 my response probably would have been, “zero”.
  • These activities are well thought out and all seem like they’d be lots of fun.
  • There were five bonus tips on top of the ten that Angie had already shared!

Isn’t it so refreshing to know that there are things that you can do as a family that won’t cost you money?  And remember we still have two more months of summer so if you haven’t read this post, it’s not too late to go read it and put some of these tips to use.

Do you have any activities that you might be able to add to the list that Angie has already shared with us?  If you do, we’d love to know.  So please let us know by sharing them with us in the comment form below.

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