Stamp of Approval: Daisy Janie’s Hand Stamped T-Shirt Craft Post

Handstamped T-Shirt by Daisy Janie

Hand-stamped T-Shirt. Image by Daisy Janie.

We’re always surfing the web for great t-shirt craft ideas and this time around our surfing led us to a lovely technique that we believe can take your t-shirt design skills to the next level! We found this block printing craft idea on the Daisy Janie blog and decided to write about it.  What we love about this post is the fact that this project really lets you put your creative “stamp” on it.  Honestly, the only thing to hold you back with this craft project is your imagination.

Block printing is an art form that’s been around for millennia.  However, recent developments made over the last century have led to the creation of new products that make it easier than ever for crafters to create unique designs.

So instead of spending an entire day or more carving out wood blocks, crafters now have the ability to use a material called linoleum block (lino-block) and be done in minutes. Besides the fact that it’s really easy to carve lino-block another benefit of this material is that it’s very inexpensive and conveniently found at most craft stores.

Here’s a brief excerpt of Jan’s post that we’re providing just to give you an idea of how simple it is to do this type of t-shirt craft:

“I cut the block into smaller pieces. I traced the 2 blocks I would be using onto a piece of paper. I drew my designs inside those frames.

I pressed very hard with my pencil to make the design as dark as I could. Then, I flipped the design onto the stamp and rubbed the backside of the paper with the side of pencil, using a lot of pressure.”

Lino-Block Design

Lino-Block Design. Image by Wikipedia Commons.

Since we just wanted to highlight this craft as something that we thought you’d like, we won’t paraphrase Jan’s entire post.  Instead, if you’re interested in a craft that’s super easy to complete, yet produces amazing designs then head over to Jan’s post on lino-block t-shirt designs and try this one out for yourself!  Already like block printing?  Check out another version of this craft from

Need a super cool tee to try this craft on?  Check out our vintage tees which will look great with a lino-block print!  We hope that you’ll try this craft, but if you don’t we’d still like your feedback.  Feel free to drop us a line below or like it on our Fan Page.


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3 responses to “Stamp of Approval: Daisy Janie’s Hand Stamped T-Shirt Craft Post

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  2. Jan

    Thanks for sharing my ideas with your readers, and providing proper credit!

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