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Three Tips to Selecting Plus Size Ladies T-Shirts

Plus Sized Clothing Model

Plus Sized Fashion Wear. Image by Church Street Market Place

Sizing can be a mixed bag, and t-shirts are no different.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find plus sized t-shirts that fit well.  Some brands run small while others run big.  No matter the brand, there are three simple tips that you can follow to find that perfect fit. Continue reading


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A Lesson in Back to School Shopping from the Mother of a Teenage Daughter – Part II

Mother and Teenage Daughter

Back to School Shopping Woes All Sorted Out

Yesterday, we talked about one mom’s struggle to find her daughter affordable clothes for teens.  If you have a teenage daughter, I’m sure that this is something that you know about all too well.  Today we find out what Glenna did to help her daughter Amber find cool teenage clothing on a very tight budget.

We left off yesterday with Glenna thinking to herself, “What if I bought Amber really nice plain colored t-shirts that she could design herself?” Here’s what transpired next…

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A Lesson in Back to School Shopping from the Mother of a Teenage Daughter – Part I

Back to School Shopping for Teenage Girls

Back to School Shopping for a Teenage Girl

Teenage girls can be very serious about having the latest in teenage casual fashion wear.  If you have a teenage daughter, I’m sure that this is something that you know about all too well.  In and of itself there’s nothing wrong with this.  However, depending upon how much your teenage daughter is into fashion, catering to her fashion tastes can get really expensive.  But as we’re about to see in this story there are ways to find trendy up to date clothing for your daughter without compromising your budget. Continue reading


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Do You Know How Clothing Trends Are Started?

How Fashion Trends Begin

How Do Fashion Trends Begin?

Now that we’re beginning to get closer to 2012 we’re beginning to step back and take a look at what 2011 has meant so far from a fashion perspective.  The fact that we’ve seen so many old fashions from decades ago come back onto the fashion scene this year made us ask another question.  How do clothing trends get started?  Join us as we attempt to find the answers. Continue reading

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How to Consistently Save Money: 4 Tools of the Trade

Tools for Saving Money

Tools for Saving Money

For many, saving money is simply a way of life, while for others it’s more of an abstract concept. Have you ever wondered what makes these two groups of people different?  On the surface it seems that we’re all aware that if we want to get ahead in life we must save money.  Yet, only a small percentage of consumers are able to consistently save money.  We’ve come to the conclusion that there are four tools of the trade that are common amongst successful savers.  We’ll be exploring these items in this post. Continue reading


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Fashion Forward to Fall 2011: Is Navy Blue the New Black?

Is Navy Blue the New Black?

Is Navy Blue the New Black?

As you may already know, at Rock Bottom T-Shirts, we’re big on saving money and we’re equally serious about style.  That’s why we were so thrilled to  find an article that talked about a new, affordable, and fashionable trend that should begin rolling out.  The post was published on The Budget Fashionista and written by Erin Fetherston. It’s entitled, “Fall Fashion Trend 2011: The New Neutral Navy Blue“.  So today we’re going to share our thoughts on how this post ties into being fashion forward on a budget this fall. Continue reading

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Boutique Clothing Craft Series: Ali and Joe

Good day, we’re here with our 7th installment of the boutique clothing craft business series where we proudly showcase the accomplishments of boutique clothing craft entrepreneurs.

In our last issue we profiled Mrs. Jill Armstrong of Lots of Laughs Boutique.  Today we’re speaking with Mrs. Eliza Sutnick of the Ali and Joe boutique.

Ali and Joe Boutique

Ali and Joe Boutique Owner Speaks with Rock Bottom T-Shirts

Customized Dolls. T-Shirts. Fancy Tutu’s and more.

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