Seven Secrets of Saving More Money on Gift Purchases

Secrets of Saving Money on Gift Purchases

The Seven Secrets of Saving Money on Gift Purchases

We’ve already crossed that midyear point, which means that the holiday and gift giving season will be here before you know it.  Translation- even though we may look at the calendar and think there’s still plenty of time the deals may not last long.  The great thing about it is that these tips work just as well for birthday gifts as they do for holiday gifts.  So today we’ll explore seven secrets to help you save a ton on your next round of gift giving.

Buy Gifts at Wholesale Prices

If you buy your gifts from someone online who sells them at wholesale prices you can usually come out far ahead of someone that purchases the same items from a retailer.  Also saves time and gas!

Start a Gift Cabinet

You can save tremendously by purchasing your gifts year around.  Since using this strategy entails purchasing well in advance, it means that you’ll be able to be very selective with your purchases and only buy gifts from major sales.  Of course taking advantage of all of the deals means that you’ll need some place to put them, and that’s where a gift cabinet comes in.

Recycle Bags and Gift Wrap

The next time you receive a gift from someone that’s been gift wrapped; instead of throwing away the wrapping paper you can put it aside and save it for later.  Ditto for the paper bags that retailers pack your groceries and other shopping essentials into.  Once you have a few of these items on hand you can recycle them by cutting them into long sheets of paper that you can wrap gifts in.

Buy Gifts Ahead of Time

Buying your gifts ahead of time means that you get to buy them in bulk and stock the gifts for later.  It also means less time spent in long lines on the major holidays.  Another really nice thing about buying gifts well ahead of time is that it takes the pressure off of you and gives you time to get other things done.

Get a Gift Certificate

The good thing about gift certificates is that they’re very convenient both for you and for the person that you’re giving the gift to because they can use the gift certificate to buy whichever gift they want.

Buy It Online

Online stores are sometimes able to offer their merchandise at up to 60% off of the suggested retail price.  This is possible because they typically bear a much smaller financial burden than they’re brick and mortar counterparts.  You can take advantage simply by doing more of your shopping online.

Alternate Shopping Sources

In addition to what we’ve discussed above you can also happen across some amazing finds at places like the Dollar Store or even your local thrift stores and consignment shops.  Surprisingly, many of the items that they sell aren’t really that old.  In fact, sometimes you can even find new stuff there.


We’ve just seen seven ways that you can substantially reduce your gift giving budget.  But did you know that out of the seven strategies that we mentioned you can use at least five of them by shopping with us?  It’s true; Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers gift certificates, online shopping, near wholesale pricing on top quality blank clothing, as well as frequent sales.  So the next time you go shopping for gifts, save a bundle by visiting Rock Bottom T-Shirts first.

Do you have tips that you’d like to share on saving money on gifts?  Please share them.  Alternatively you can like this post on Facebook!

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