Back to School Shopping – 4 Tips to Help You Get the Right Clothes for Your Kindergartner

Back to School Time

How to Get the Right Clothes for Your Kindergartner

Depending upon which part of the country you’re in your child has either already started kindergarten or she might be like mine and start school within the next few weeks.  And if you’re like many parents, this time brings about many new questions.

For example, you may be asking yourself what types of clothes you should buy for your child.  If this was on your mind you can scratch this question off of your list because we’re going to answer it for you in this post!

Before we get started, however, there’s one thing that you may want to keep in mind – outside of special occasions there’s no need to get really fancy clothing for your child.  We say this because in all likelihood once your child heads off to kindergarten she may lose, soil, or otherwise damage her clothing.  That being said, here are four qualities that you should look for when you’re getting school clothes for your little one:

Comfortable – Kindergarten aged children tend to be really active.  This is why the clothing that you buy for your child should allow for ease of movement.  Also important is the softness of the fabric-typically materials that are stiffer tend to restrict the flow of air. On the other hand, softer fabrics tend to allow more ventilation and this is what you want for your child.

Restroom Friendly – At this age your child is likely to prefer dressing his or her self.  Additionally, this is the age where your child no longer wants assistance in the restroom.  So it’s helpful for you to purchase clothing that’s easy to get on and off.

For example, elastic is easy to pull on and off as are pants with zippers.  Clothes that you may want to avoid purchasing your kindergarten aged child are clothes with lots of buckles-such as overalls as well as clothing with an excessive number of buttons.

Season Appropriate – If you live in a warmer climate try to dress your child in fabrics with more air flow and breathability.  Alternatively, if you’re in a cooler location you should consider dressing your little one in layers; this way as it gets warmer they can maintain comfort by removing layers.

Fashionable Colors – By the time your child is ready for kindergarten they’re just old enough to have a favorite color but not quite old enough to insist on designer labels.  Buying blank clothing in lots of different colors can be a happy medium.

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3 responses to “Back to School Shopping – 4 Tips to Help You Get the Right Clothes for Your Kindergartner

  1. My best tip-get organized: take stock of what you have, make a list of what you need, know your price points, shop around/compare prices, and go shopping!

  2. The funny thing about parents buying their kid’s expensive clothes when they’re young is that they tend to grow out of it in a heart beat. Also, they’re KIDS they’re bound to ruin all their clothes at school. Interesting article =)

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