Fashion Forward to Fall 2011: Is Navy Blue the New Black?

Is Navy Blue the New Black?

Is Navy Blue the New Black?

As you may already know, at Rock Bottom T-Shirts, we’re big on saving money and we’re equally serious about style.  That’s why we were so thrilled to  find an article that talked about a new, affordable, and fashionable trend that should begin rolling out.  The post was published on The Budget Fashionista and written by Erin Fetherston. It’s entitled, “Fall Fashion Trend 2011: The New Neutral Navy Blue“.  So today we’re going to share our thoughts on how this post ties into being fashion forward on a budget this fall.

Here’s a quick excerpt from Erin’s article:

“Why Navy [sic]? Well, Navy is dark like black, which means it can be worn as a black-like neutral. Also because of the deepness of the color, Navy clothing on a budget rarely goes into the “cheap-looking-fabric” territory, a problem that often befalls that other alternative to black, brown.”

Essentially, what Erin is saying in this post is that although black and brown are terrific neutral colors they’re not as festive, rich, or current as navy.  Outside of the color analysis itself we also enjoyed the fact that this article focused on a single color thereby summarizing an entire fashion season with just one color.

Erin also hinted at ways to make this an affordable fashion choice by purchasing your navy pieces from thrift stores or local consignment shops.  Alternatively, you could find a stylish new navy garment to fit any budget on the Rock Bottom T-Shirts website.  Here are just a few of the women’s garments that we carry in navy blue:

This brings us to another point that we agree with Erin on.  Since navy is normally associated with luxury goods, no matter how much you spent on them people who see you wearing navy will assume that you’re wearing something that cost a fortune.

The only thing that I’d add to what Erin said about navy blue would be the psychological qualities that tend to be associated with blue.  Navy blue tends to connote calmness, self-assuredness, wisdom and communication.  Whereas on the other hand the color black typically symbolizes seriousness, authority, and mystery.

On a subconscious level a shift from black to navy blue could signify that, as a whole, societies feel a need to move away from a more rigid and closed view of life to a much more inclusive and open view of the world.  This is one of the best examples that you’ll find that illustrates the interplay between fashion, art, and society.  It’s yet another reason that we’d recommend Erin’s article to anyone that enjoys following the latest trends.

Will you be wearing navy this fall?  Why or why not?  Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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