Do You Know How Clothing Trends Are Started?

How Fashion Trends Begin

How Do Fashion Trends Begin?

Now that we’re beginning to get closer to 2012 we’re beginning to step back and take a look at what 2011 has meant so far from a fashion perspective.  The fact that we’ve seen so many old fashions from decades ago come back onto the fashion scene this year made us ask another question.  How do clothing trends get started?  Join us as we attempt to find the answers.

Normally when we think of how fashion trends take off we think of big name designers and runways.  But is that really all there is to it?  We decided to take this question to the Internet to see if there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The first place that we stopped by to try and gain some additional insights into this fashion trends question was the A New Mode Blog.  Sabrina Alexis wrote something that seemed to strike at the heart of this question.

Here’s what Sabrina says about fashion trends

“Don’t not wear it because no one else is wearing it.

The biggest mistake you can make is to decide against a particular trend because no one else is wearing it. I mean, trend setters by virtue, never wear what anyone else is wearing because they’re always a few steps ahead of the curve! If you like something, then go for it. That truly is the best advice I can ever over [sic].”

Next up was Ehow.  I noticed that they’d posted a “how to” piece explaining to readers how anyone can start their own trend.

So here’s what Ehow says to do if you’d like to start your own trend,

“Write to a fashion magazine about the details of your trend. Many magazines have columns showcasing what’s trendy in different regions of the country. Expose your trend to a national audience by getting it featured on the pages of a teen, women’s or fashion magazine.

Get a celebrity to start wearing your trend.”

Then there was something that we found on WikiAnswers.  Coincidentally, someone else had the same question that we’re asking which is-“How do fashion trends start?”

Here’s the answer that an anonymous WikiAnswers user posted in response to this question of fashion trends,

“Fashion trends that you see in mall stores come from two sources: the runways and the streets. When major designers show their lines on the runway, the people who design the clothes you see in stores pay attention [to] the trends in those collections and will incorporate those trends into their companies’ designs.

If the brand is a trendy brand geared towards teens and young adults, they also pay attention to what the hip kids in major cities are wearing, and will incorporate some of those trends into their brand as well.”

What all of these answers seem to point to is that there really is no one answer as to how fashion trends start.  One thing that we could say is that thanks to websites such as YouTube and Twitter, fashion trends seem to develop much quicker than they used to.

We’d like to invite you to join us in this discussion.  How do you think clothing trends come about?  Remember there’s no right or wrong answer to this question, it’s just a fun little exercise that we thought we’d engage you in today.  Thanks for joining us in the discussion and please feel free to share this question with your friends and family by liking it on our Fan Page.

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