A Lesson in Back to School Shopping from the Mother of a Teenage Daughter – Part I

Back to School Shopping for Teenage Girls

Back to School Shopping for a Teenage Girl

Teenage girls can be very serious about having the latest in teenage casual fashion wear.  If you have a teenage daughter, I’m sure that this is something that you know about all too well.  In and of itself there’s nothing wrong with this.  However, depending upon how much your teenage daughter is into fashion, catering to her fashion tastes can get really expensive.  But as we’re about to see in this story there are ways to find trendy up to date clothing for your daughter without compromising your budget.

This story was told to us by a customer who’d been having trouble finding clothes for her teenage daughter.  To protect their privacy the mother will be Glenna and the daughter will be Amber.

What was interesting about Glenna’s story is how it takes you through not only the financial challenges of finding the right clothes for her daughter but also the emotional challenges.

As told by Glenna:

“This is something that my daughter and I went through several years back-it happened when I was laid off from my job as a school teacher.  It all started one spring afternoon when I was called into a meeting with my boss and was informed that my teaching contract wasn’t going to be renewed the following year.

I was devastated.  I broke the news to my daughter, Amber, who was in the tenth grade at the time.  And to my surprise Amber took it pretty well and even volunteered to get a part time job to help out.  I, of course, thanked Amber for her willingness to help but told her it would be better if she focused on her grades.

Little did she know that we would need to cut our expenses in half to prepare for the following year.  Unfortunately for Amber this meant that instead of the big back to school shopping spree that she and I had become accustomed to, we were going to have to drastically scale back on her back to school clothes.

When I broke the news to Amber that we would be doing her school shopping at the outlet stores, consignment shops, and gently worn stores she was really upset.  To her this meant that she wouldn’t be able to wear the same type of trendy clothes that her friends at school wore.

I tried to empathize with Amber, letting her know that it was only temporary, but it did no use.  She became very depressed…So much so that I had a tough time getting her out of the house when the first day of school rolled around.

As difficult as things were financially, I just couldn’t stand to see Amber moping around like she was, so I decided that somehow, someway I was going to find clothes that my daughter could feel good about.  One day while searching online for fashionable junior clothes I came across this article that talked about how it’s possible to have the most current fashions and save money by re-decorating your own clothes.

The article even provided tips on how you could do things like spruce up your own t-shirts by using embroidery, puff paint, and other creative techniques.  Even though the example didn’t specifically use teenage casual wear, I knew that the same concepts could be applied to casual clothing for teenage girls.  It made me ask myself, “What if I bought Amber really nice plain colored t-shirts that she could design herself?”

Join us tomorrow for more on Glenna and Amber’s story and to see what Glenna did to help her daughter find affordable, fashionable clothing for the new school year.


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