A Lesson in Back to School Shopping from the Mother of a Teenage Daughter – Part II

Mother and Teenage Daughter

Back to School Shopping Woes All Sorted Out

Yesterday, we talked about one mom’s struggle to find her daughter affordable clothes for teens.  If you have a teenage daughter, I’m sure that this is something that you know about all too well.  Today we find out what Glenna did to help her daughter Amber find cool teenage clothing on a very tight budget.

We left off yesterday with Glenna thinking to herself, “What if I bought Amber really nice plain colored t-shirts that she could design herself?” Here’s what transpired next…

“Before sharing my idea with Amber, I wanted to make sure that the idea was practical and that it would be much less expensive than getting clothes from the stores.  Once again I was back on the Internet looking for places that sold blank clothes for teenage girls.  Most of the companies I found offered nice prices but to take advantage of them you had to buy in bulk.

Although some of the prices were tempting, in the end it seemed like buying in bulk to save money was defeating the purpose.  So I kept looking and to my amazement I found a website that had exactly what I was looking for…

They had a large selection of casual wear for juniors and the prices were unbelievable.  They sold juniors clothing at wholesale prices except you didn’t have to buy it in bulk.

Next I did some more reading up on clothing crafts and, as it turns out, it’s actually not that difficult to decorate a tee or really any article of clothing for that matter.  Now I was finally ready to share my idea with Amber.

When we got a chance to talk about it I almost couldn’t believe my ears – she said she couldn’t wait to start designing her own stuff, and she was very excited to show off her own designs to her friends.  Problem solved!  This not only allowed my daughter be fashion forward but it allowed us to save enough money to survive until I found a new job.

The lesson I learned was that although teens do want the latest fashions, they also love to show off their individuality.  By finding fashion basics for juniors and letting Amber decorate the items as she saw fit, I was able to save money and give my daughter an outlet for her creativity.

Furthermore, the trend caught on and Amber’s friends wanted to do the same.  Many nights were spent with friends over tie dyeing and decorating t-shirts.”

Do you have a teen that loves the latest in fashion?  Have you tried letting her decorate her own tees?  Share your successes or your struggles by commenting below.  And for great fashion basics your teenager is sure to love to decorate visit Rock Bottom T-Shirts.com.


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4 responses to “A Lesson in Back to School Shopping from the Mother of a Teenage Daughter – Part II

  1. I’d love to see some examples of what Amber did with her clothes!

  2. Hi Sarah! That’s not a bad idea at all. I do remember them saying that this happen a few years back but I’ll have to see if that’s a possibility.

    Oh, and…Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts. And have a great day! By the way, do you have a blog? Was just wondering. Thanks again!

  3. I have a blog that I never post on. Sad, I know. I do have an etsy shop and facebook page (Junebugs Crafts) and I also have an album of my crafts on my personal facebook page.


  4. Hi Sarah, don’t worry it happens to the best of us-as far as finding time for blogging. So I can certainly understand how it is to not have time to update your blog. On the bright side at least you have a fan page!

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