Three Tips to Selecting Plus Size Ladies T-Shirts

Plus Sized Clothing Model

Plus Sized Fashion Wear. Image by Church Street Market Place

Sizing can be a mixed bag, and t-shirts are no different.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find plus sized t-shirts that fit well.  Some brands run small while others run big.  No matter the brand, there are three simple tips that you can follow to find that perfect fit.

Let’s begin, shall we?  The first tip is that tighter actually can be better.  It goes against common perception, but it’s actually true.  Many plus sized women fall into the trap of trying to hide their shape by wearing loose fitting or baggy clothing.  This is actually not such a good idea, since baggy clothing gives the appearance of making you look bigger than you really are.  In addition, baggy clothing may bring your mood down, since you’re going to look heavier, however, closer-fitting clothing can give plus sized women a more flattering look.

Now, don’t go too tight, because you might end up with that “uncomfortable” look.  Somewhere in between—loose enough, but not overly baggy—is perfect.  Many women make the mistake of using Men’s T-Shirts instead of those made for a woman because they are easier to find in larger sizes.  Instead of wearing Men’s baggy clothing, wear t-shirts that are designed with a classic feminine fit which will give you more of an hourglass figure.

Secondly, wear shirts that are either plain in color or vertically striped.  Vertical-striped shirts are much better than horizontal stripes, which may bring unwanted attention to yourself.  Vertical stripes give you a taller look and draw attention away from your figure directly.

Finally, go to plus sized stores.  You’ll find a wider selection of shirts to choose from, and they won’t be displayed in the back of the store.  A plus sized store has shirts that are made specifically to fit plus sized women, so you won’t have to worry about getting clothes that look like they fit but actually run smaller than they should.  You’ll also find a wider selection of clothing.  No outrageous prints or unfashionable clothing; it’ll be name brand, stylish, and things you’ll actually want to wear.  Plus sized women want to wear the latest fashions too, so it only makes sense that going to a store filled with shirts sized for you in the styles that you want to wear is a better way to shop.

Don’t have a plus sized store near you?  Want an easy, convenient way to find plus sized t-shirts made for women?  Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers all of our ladies items up to size 2X.  That includes our tanks, sweatshirts, t-shirts and more.  Additionally, we also offer our Womens Short Sleeve T-Shirt and our Womens V Neck T-Shirt in over 40 colors from sizes small to 3XL. So no matter which size or color you’re looking for we’re almost sure to have it.

While the tips presented here are helpful, ultimately, whatever clothes you wear should be worn with confidence.  If you’re confident about the way you look, then it won’t matter what others think of you.  Choose your clothes based upon your own individual style and color preferences so that you can share your expressiveness with the world!


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