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From the Etsy Blog – A Quick Start to Selling on Etsy

Guide to Selling on Etsy

How to Sell on Etsy

Today’s post is primarily aimed at our readers who are also Etsy sellers.  However, even if you’re not selling embellished clothing on Etsy you may still find value in this post.  Essentially, what we’re doing is highlighting Etsy’s,”The Quick-Start Guide to Selling on Etsy“. Continue reading

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T-Shirt Craft Projects for Plain Jane Tees

Stack of T-Shirts Tucked Away in the Closet

Stack of T-Shirts Tucked Away in the Closet

Most of us have got at least a handful of plain or blank t-shirts in our closets that look great but just don’t get worn much.  Or maybe you have some items that have worn out over time or don’t fit now that you’ve lost some weight.  If this is you we’ve got an idea for you-instead of not wearing your plain tees or getting rid of them, you can recycle them. There are so many cool things that you can do with your old t-shirts that it would be impossible to cover them all. However, we did manage to round up three wonderful ideas. Continue reading

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Camouflage Clothing – Not Just for Hunters

Mens Camo T-Shirt | Rock Bottom T-Shirts

Mens Camo T-Shirt

Through the years camouflage clothing has gone through many changes. Throughout history we’ve seen camouflage go from being accepted by the military as a staple, to being a hunter’s best friend all the way to where we are now which is mainstream fashion acceptance of camouflage.  Even through all of this many still regard camouflage as hunting gear.  We’re going to show you, in this post, why camo is no longer just for hunting. Continue reading


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Saving Money on Daily Deals: Three Types of Deal Websites You Should Know

Saving Money Daily on Deal Sites

Saving Money Daily on Deal Sites

These days there are so many deal sites springing up that it can be difficult to tell them apart.  Part of the reason is that consumers today have become more deal conscious than in the past.  If you’ve ever heard of Groupon or any other deal site but just haven’t gotten around to taking advantage of them yet, this post is for you. Continue reading


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Seven Essential Color Combinations for Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall Fashion Colors

Fall Fashion Colors

Typically autumn brings us the most extravagant colors that nature has to offer.  Such is the case with fashion as well.  A good explanation for this could be that fashion designers base each season’s new colors upon nature’s colors and consumer sentiment.  This is why even though we see new fall fashion colors each year the main colors don’t change very much.  Follow along as we uncover the staple colors that each fall fashion season brings us. Continue reading

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Three Ways to Save Money During Your Baby’s First Year

Saving Money During Your Baby's First Year

Saving Money During Your Baby's First Year

Who doesn’t want the best for their newborn?  If given a choice I’m sure that everyone would opt for the most top of the line products for their baby, right?  But given the economic uncertainty that our nation is still undergoing, even if you’re able to comfortably purchase the best that money can buy, you may still want to find ways to tuck away some savings.  That’s where this post comes into the picture.  We’ll show you three ways to save money in your baby’s first year. Continue reading


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Did You Know that There Are Over Nine Ways You Can Save Money at the Local Library?

Your Local Public Library Can Save You Money

Save Money At Your Local Public Library

No matter what time of the year it is there’s one topic that you’ll always be able to find on this blog and that’s tips on how to save money.  So today we bring you a fresh new piece on saving money at the library in response to a blogger that we’ve really come to appreciate over the last few months.  Her name is Leah Ingram and in addition to authoring several books on being frugal she’s also the blogger behind the Suddenly Frugal blog. Continue reading

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