A Quick and Easy Fall T-Shirt Craft for Kids

Fall Kids T-Shirts Crafts

Fall Kids T-Shirts Crafts

Fall break will be here before you know it; so it never hurts to have a few children’s activities ready to keep the little ones busy during the break. One children’s activity that’s both fun and easy is t-shirt painting. The great thing about this activity is that even long after your kids have finished they’ll have something to show for it.  So follow along as we share this quick and easy kids t-shirt craft with you!

Shopping List:

  1. Set up your area. Place newspapers on a table to make cleanup easier.
  2. Place the cardboard inside the T shirt. You can also use waxed paper for this. You may want to pin the shirt to the cardboard.
  3. Uncap one paint color and write or draw your design on the front.
  4. Let the shirt dry-this could anywhere from one to four hours depending on the thickness of the designs.
  5. Repeat with other paint colors if desired.
  6. Once the t-shirt is dry, you can repeat step 4 on the back if you want.
  7. Let the back of the shirt dry (while you’re waiting, play the clean-up game)
  8. Remove the cardboard.
  9. Set the paint according to the directions on the paint bottle.

It’s just that simple. As a side note, you can let the kids freehand their design or if they want to a more detailed design, they can draw the design onto the t-shirt first using a fabric pen and then paint over the ink using the puff paint.  One more thing…the fabric ink is designed so that any excess paint washes away the next time you wash the t-shirt. This is a major plus and can come in handy if you don’t get the ink covered up all the way with the paint.

As always, have fun with this project and please send us the pictures when you’re done or you can post them directly to our Fan Page!

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