Cotton Inc and TTIS Textile Digest: Fall Winter 2012-2013 Color Trend Review

Fall Leaf in the Winter

Fall and Winter Color Trends

Today our color trend series moves into the fall and winter of 2012/2013.  We’re reviewing a color trend report that comes from TTIS Textile Digest which is titled, “Color & Surface Trends Forecast F/W 2012-13” (PDF).  One of the things that makes this very different from our previous reviews is that although this color trend report was published by TTIS Textile Digest, it’s actually their interpretation of Cotton Inc.’s fall and winter 2012/2013 color forecast.   Although this is TTIS Textile Digest’s response to Cotton Inc.’s forecast it’s worth pointing out that the overall themes, colors, and palettes are largely intact, and we feel that this gives their report added depth.

The Color & Surface Trends Forecast Fall/Winter 2012-13 report could easily be characterized as rebellious in a contemplative way.  It seems as if the designers who developed the report were subconsciously pointing out that society is beginning to question:

  • The impersonal nature of a socially networked world
  • Our frenzied and hectic schedules
  • Whether we’re really better off in our technologically advanced lifestyles than we were before

It’s as if this color trend report picks up where The Color Association of the United States-Youth Spring/Summer Color Forecast 2012 left off.

There are five color palettes that correspond with this color trend report:

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Anticipation Nation

This palette plays on varying shades of black, deep blues, and several shades of white.  Here’s what TTIS Textile Digest says about Cotton Inc.’s Anticipation Nation palette,

“…We contemplate tearing down the façade of our digitized and frenzied world to fashion a more eclectic and legitimate life; we begin to breathe, think and create again…”

Social Club

The Social Club palette looks like someone gathered a few soft colors along with a few neutral colors and poured a thick layer of bronze on top of them.  This is palette definitely has an antique quality to it.  Here’s what TTIS Textile Digest says about Cotton Inc.’s Social Club palette,

“…The connection we feel from dressing up and taking pride in the companionship of friends, neighbors, and self takes on special meaning.  Social club is a mature and optimistic view of “Old fashioned” entertainment and Lifestyles…”


The Absurd palette is very interesting because although the five palettes don’t seem to relate directly to the four seasons -at first glance the complimentary colors in this palette hint at a spring palette.  However, the textures that TTIS Textile Digest paired with the colors correspond more closely to an autumn palette.  Here’s what TTIS Textile Digest says about Cotton Inc.’s Absurd palette,

“…As we start to take situations, ideas, entertainment, and fashion at face value, the ceaseless need to over-analyze oozes away. We relish the simple idea that we can make things and enjoy experiences that make us feel good and look good…”

Role Play

This color palette revolves exclusively around neutral shades.  The two things that stand out about this palette are that 1) it’s probably the most contemporary palette of the bunch and 2) these colors tend to be embraced by both men and women.  Here’s what TTIS Textile Digest says about Cotton Inc.’s Role Play palette,

“…as we contemplate our role in society, family, and our nation, we know that no matter which one we take on we have to own it.  Role play is a soft story that blurs the lines between traditional market color applications…”

Decadent Decline

This is another palette that relies on neutral colors.  However, unlike the Role Play palette and the Social Club palette, this palette seems to use the neutral colors to help ground the brighter hues.  Here’s what TTIS Textile Digest says about Cotton Inc.’s Decadent Decline palette,

“…In a world obsessed with restorations and renovations, we pause to look at fashion, art, architecture, and people for what they are, and discover integrity and beautiful hues and dimensions in their decline. …”

What’s interesting about these palettes is that, for the most part, they don’t appear to conform to the more long held tradition of connecting each color palette to a particular season.  Instead they all seem to incorporate different elements from each of the four seasons.

We’d be curious to hear your opinion on the way that TTIS Textile Digest & Cotton Inc. use color to communicate about the modern society that we inhabit.  For a real life example of these colors in action look no further than Rock Bottom T-Shirts.  For example, you could visit our Women’s Zipped Hoodie (in Eggplant) page to see the Absurd palette or for the Social Club palette you could visit our Women’s Long Sleeve Thermal T-Shirts (in Indigo) page.


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