Did You Know that There Are Over Nine Ways You Can Save Money at the Local Library?

Your Local Public Library Can Save You Money

Save Money At Your Local Public Library

No matter what time of the year it is there’s one topic that you’ll always be able to find on this blog and that’s tips on how to save money.  So today we bring you a fresh new piece on saving money at the library in response to a blogger that we’ve really come to appreciate over the last few months.  Her name is Leah Ingram and in addition to authoring several books on being frugal she’s also the blogger behind the Suddenly Frugal blog.

We chose to share Leah’s post with you not so much because the library can help you save money but more so because it was good to see someone show you nine ways to save at the library.  Some of the things that Leah suggested are probably common knowledge-such as free computer access and free access to DVDs.  However, there were several things that she mentioned that were certainly new to me such as access to free instructional classes and free homework help.  My favorite was the tip about online databases that will allow you to save money without even visiting the library!

In addition to the nine things that she mentioned in this piece, Leah also provides a number of interesting statistics on library usage and a link to another piece that she had written on saving money at your local library with even more ways to save.  Between these two resources Leah gives you all that you need to know about saving money by going to the library.

Usually, when we write a review post there’s always something that we can add but in this instance it appears that Leah has covered every angle of saving money at your local public library.  Is there anything that you can think of in addition to what she’s already mentioned?  Let us know…And if you enjoyed this post please like it on our Fan page.

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