Camouflage Clothing – Not Just for Hunters

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Mens Camo T-Shirt

Through the years camouflage clothing has gone through many changes. Throughout history we’ve seen camouflage go from being accepted by the military as a staple, to being a hunter’s best friend all the way to where we are now which is mainstream fashion acceptance of camouflage.  Even through all of this many still regard camouflage as hunting gear.  We’re going to show you, in this post, why camo is no longer just for hunting.

The word “camouflage” comes from the French word “camoufler” which translates as “to disguise”.  The need for camouflage, in the military, didn’t arise until person to person combat became a thing of the past.  Whereas in centuries past when brightly colored uniforms helped each side’s soldiers to differentiate between fellow soldiers and the enemy’s side, in modern military situations soldiers that stood out became vulnerable to attack.  So in response several militaries began using clothes that mimicked their environments through various patterns that were painted onto the uniforms.

REALTREE Camo T-ShirtInterestingly, the hunting community didn’t adopt camouflage clothing until the early eighties when Jim Crumley created a camouflage style that resembled the patterns found in American forests.  It didn’t take long after Crumley’s invention before camouflage took hold within the American hunting community.  From this point onwards camouflage became known as hunting gear.

In the mid 1990’s camouflage fashion slowly made its way into urban centers across American.  Since then we’ve witnessed camouflage clothing grow into into a mainstream fashion staple.   It is now estimated that the non-military camouflage global retail market is worth $2 billion.  However, even today it can still be difficult for consumers to hear the word camouflage and not think of hunting.

Camouflage clothing is about so much more than hunting.  Today’s consumers can find t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, caps, purses, backpacks and many more types of clothing and accessories in camouflage.  Clothing is available not only for adults but youth, babies, ladies and more.

Additionally, you can find camouflage fabric in almost every color imaginable.  There is collegiate or sports colored camouflage for team spirit.  Pink Camouflage has been a big part in the fight breast cancer movement.  The fitness boot camp movement has made camo a part of fitness apparel.  Traditional woodland camouflage and digital camouflage are also used to show patriotic and military pride.

Doggie Camo T-ShirtThis is one of the reasons that we carry such a large variety of camouflage garments at Rock Bottom T-Shirts both with the hunter and fashionista in mind.  We offer camo wear sized for babies, toddlers, young children, youth, men, women and even pets in a nice cross section of colors and styles.  Now through October 2, 2011 all camouflage items are 25% off, so make sure you stock up today.

In an effort to give back, 2% of all Rock Bottom camouflage sales are donated to charities that support military families.

What’s your favorite camouflage style and color?  Let us know by commenting below.  Alternatively, you can like this post on our fan page.


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