T-Shirt Craft Projects for Plain Jane Tees

Stack of T-Shirts Tucked Away in the Closet

Stack of T-Shirts Tucked Away in the Closet

Most of us have got at least a handful of plain or blank t-shirts in our closets that look great but just don’t get worn much.  Or maybe you have some items that have worn out over time or don’t fit now that you’ve lost some weight.  If this is you we’ve got an idea for you-instead of not wearing your plain tees or getting rid of them, you can recycle them. There are so many cool things that you can do with your old t-shirts that it would be impossible to cover them all. However, we did manage to round up three wonderful ideas.

Recycle Your T-Shirts into Bags

In two of our earlier posts, we showed you how to make a bag out of your favorite t-shirt. This is a great way to recycle t-shirts since it gives you the opportunity to do good for the environment and look great, too. Here are excerpts from our t-shirt tote bag posts:

To-Tee-ly” Cool Tote Bag

“Reuse, Refashion, Repurpose, Recycle, or Up cycle…whatever you call it, it’s always fun to re-style one fashion piece into a totally new one. For this one we took inspiration from other craft projects we’ve come across and added a few of our own twists.”

Rainy Day T-Shirt Craft

“Since this project involves using old t-shirts instead of brand new fabric it won’t put undue stress on the environment. Additionally, since this project should only take between 5 to 10 minutes to complete your kid(s) will be finished long before losing interest.”

An added benefit of turning your t-shirts into bags is that you can use them as shopping bags thereby doing away with paper or plastic shopping bags altogether.

Recycling T-Shirts Into Scarves

Since we’re approaching that time of year where extra layering is helpful we thought we’d also share a link to Threadbanger’s t-shirt scarf video post.  As unbelievable as it may sound Megan Nicolay somehow manages to give the viewer a behind the shoulder view of her making three awesome t-shirt scarves- proving that you can literally do these t-shirt scarf crafts in minutes.

T-Shirt Quilt Craft

Although t-shirt quilt projects are much more involved than t-shirt bag or scarf crafts, in the end a t-shirt quilt craft can deliver a one of a kind experience.  Additionally, a t-shirt quilt can make a terrific personalized gift for someone, or it can be a great way for you to stay warm around the house! There are many tutorials out there on t-shirt quilts.  Here’s a link to a post that we published not long ago on t-shirt quilt crafts.

Also, keep in mind that you can do these crafts with t-shirts that you already have or you could get blank wholesale priced t-shirts from us.

We hope that you find some inspiration to update your closet and have fun with your old t-shirts.  And if you make something you’re proud of please share it with us on our Fan Page.

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