From the Etsy Blog – A Quick Start to Selling on Etsy

Guide to Selling on Etsy

How to Sell on Etsy

Today’s post is primarily aimed at our readers who are also Etsy sellers.  However, even if you’re not selling embellished clothing on Etsy you may still find value in this post.  Essentially, what we’re doing is highlighting Etsy’s,”The Quick-Start Guide to Selling on Etsy“.

This guide caught my attention for several reasons.  The first is that when I went to the URL for the guide I was expecting to go to a PDF download page.  However, upon visiting the URL I found that this guide is actually a blog post written by Danielle Maveal (Etsy’s Seller Education Coordinator)-what a pleasant surprise!

The second reason that the post caught our attention is that not too long ago we published a series of blog posts where we’d asked six thriving Etsy sellers what it took for them to achieve success on Etsy.  We weren’t aware of Etsy’s guide when we published that post but surprisingly there are a number of parallels between what our panelists told us and what Etsy talks about in their guide.

We thought it was also great that they’d chosen to break the guide up into what they call the three p’s – products, photography and pricing.  I also liked how Danielle opened up the guide by describing the process of finding product ideas.  Here’s a brief excerpt of her talking about the product creation process.

Danielle writes,

“Etsy shoppers connect with items that tell a good story, have a unique point of view, and are quirky, uncommon and beautifully made (or for vintage and supply sellers, thoughtfully curated).”

If you stop and think about that statement it seems that the Internet has helped to usher in an age where shoppers are looking for the story behind any product that they buy online.  So that was a great example of an insight that any online seller could benefit from.

Next the guide expanded upon how to take better product photos.  Here they listed ten tips that you can use to take photos that really stand out.  They didn’t go into as much depth on pricing your products, but Danielle did link to a very in-depth prior post that they’d published on product pricing.

Additionally, Danielle included several other excellent tidbits that I’m sure anyone selling on Etsy would find interesting.  For example, they also touched on how to choose the best avatar pictures for your Etsy store and even how to get more exposure for your store through writing better titles, descriptions and tags.

All in all this is quite a handy reference that I’d highly recommend to anyone considering selling on Etsy.  What did you think about the guide?  Add your comment below and let us know.  Also, are there any tips that you’d like to share on how to sell more products on Etsy?  Feel free to let us know that as well!   And don’t forget to like this post on our Fan Page!

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