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Saving Money – How to Avoid Three of the Most Common Budgeting Mistakes

Saving Money by Avoiding These Budget Mistakes

Avoiding These Budget Mistakes Can Save You Money

At Rock Bottom T-Shirts we’re always trying to find ways to help you save money.  We’ve found that creating a budget is the most effective way to manage and save your money.  Unfortunately, many households never experience the benefits of budgeting because they’re unsure about how to start.  Others feel that the difference between their income and expenses is so small that they’re discouraged from even trying to put a budget together-before they even start.  These are just a few of the mistakes that we, as consumers, commonly make.  Follow along as we share remedies to these and other common budgeting mistakes. Continue reading


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Nature Inspired Fall Craft Project

Fall Leaf T-Shirt Craft
Fall Leaf T-Shirt Craft

Fall is in full swing and the trees are quickly changing colors and losing their leaves.  A fun way to put those leaves to use, year round, is to put them on a t-shirt.  Okay, not the actual leaves but at least a memory of them.  This cute and quick craft is fun for any age group and can be as detailed or simple as you’d like to make it. Continue reading

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Could the Apple iPod be the Hottest Thing to Hit the Fashion Accessories Market in the Last Ten Years?

The Apple iPod Classic

The Apple iPod Classic - A Fashion Accessory Icon

Coming fresh off the heels of the Apple iPod’s tenth birthday on Sunday and Steve Jobs’ passing earlier this month we wanted to present a fresh new angle on our fashion commentary.  Over the past 10 years the iPod has become such an integral part of entertainment, pop-fashion, and culture that it’s difficult to imagine a world without iPods.  This is why today we’re looking at three ways that the Apple iPod has impacted the fashion accessory world over the last decade. Continue reading

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Rock Bottom T-Shirts: Featured in Babytalk Magazine

Babytalk Magazine - Cover Image

Rock Bottom T-Shirts in Babytalk Magazine

Rock Bottom T-Shirts was recently featured in the October 2011 issue of Babytalk magazine!
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Women’s Fashion: Fall Fashion 2011 Do’s and Don’ts

Womens Fall Fashion - Dos and Donts - image of woman in business attire

Womens Fall Fashion - Dos and Donts

Since fashion relies heavily upon the moods of consumers, who are by nature subjective, most people consider it an art.  On the other hand, since fashion designers are consistently able to use consumer sentiment to make accurate fashion predictions-there is also a social science element to fashion.  This is what makes fashion such an interesting topic.  So today we’re celebrating the balancing act between personal style and fashion trends by publishing a fall 2011 fashion do’s and don’ts post. Continue reading


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Budgeting- Learn the Four Secrets to Saving Money on Craigslist

Secrets to Saving Money on Craigslist - hands with lots of dollars

Learn the Secrets to Saving Money on Craigslist

These days it really seems that nearly everyone’s looking for a few ways to save money.  There are obvious ways to save money such as cutting unnecessary costs or using coupons and then there are less known methods.  But the question that really gets the conversation started is what if you need new furniture, appliances or you want a luxury item that you can’t afford? The answer lies in the four secrets, that you’re about to find out, to saving money on Craigslist. Continue reading

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Reducing Energy Costs- Five No Cost Ways to Cut Your Energy Spending

No Cost Ways to Cut Your Energy Costs - Image of Green Light Bulb

Five No Cost Ways to Cut Your Energy Costs

No matter what time of the year it is saving money on energy is always a major consideration for anyone looking to make ends meet.  But how do you reduce energy costs without spending money?  Energy saving appliances, new windows and energy efficient doors are great, but they come with an initial financial investment that we may often find out of reach.  However, with simple changes in your daily living you can actually make quite a dent in your energy costs without any initial investment. Continue reading


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