2011 Fall Casual Fashion Wear – What to Expect

2011 Fall Casual Fashion Wear

2011 Fall Casual Fashion Wear

We’ve published five posts examining 2011 fall color and fashion trend reports and although each report had its own uniqueness we did notice several common themes.  We were able to summarize these themes into three distinct categories which are mood, colors, and style.  Continue reading as we highlight the mood, colors, and style that we feel will play a big part in 2011 casual fall fashion…

Mood – Modern Fashion Inspired by vintage classic, Gender Neutral

Beneath every fashion movement there tends to be a common mood, in the society at large, that fashion designers try to reflect through the new designs of the upcoming seasons.  The pervasive mood that came across in almost all of the 2011 fall fashion/color reports that we’ve summarized has been two fold-on the one hand fashion designers have designed styles that challenge accepted norms and on the other hand they have blended classic styles with new styles.

Particularly this year’s crop of fall designs appear to borrow heavily from classic styles that are typically associated with two periods-the 1930’s and 1970’s.

Colors – Orange, Navy, Light Soft Neutrals

Although fall colors are generally thought of as bold and extravagant, there is also a softer, lighter aspect of fall color that occurs in nature during the beginning of fall.  These are the colors that designers seem to be emphasizing this fall.  The colors that we noticed being referenced more than others in the 2011 color fashion trend reports were orange, navy, and soft neutral colors such as bamboo, Champaign, brown and light charcoal.

Style- Dark Wide Leg Pants, Brightly Colored Long Sleeve Tees-Layered beneath a Neutral Cardigan

The style is where the fashion colors and mood come together.  So you can look at style as the place that you get to apply mood and color to your wardrobe combinations.

So if you’d like to update your fall 2011 wardrobe you could do well with:

Bottoms (These are trending dark as well as brightly colored)

  • Wide Leg Pants – Bright colors such as reds and oranges
  • High waist pants – Navy, charcoal, dark brown; alternatively you could go with bright colors in this style
  • Skinny Pants – Navy, charcoal, dark brown

Tops (Brightly Colored)

Top Layer (Neutral Color – such as charcoal, cream, or beige)

  • Neutral Cardigans – Beige, creams, bamboo
  • Wool Jackets & Peacoats- Expect to see more plaid and tartans in these styles
  • Sweatshirts – Warm colors

Alternatively, if you are not a fan of brightly colored garments, you could combine neutral garments with bright accessories and achieve the same affect.  We’re curious to hear your thoughts on this post-particularly are the trends that we’ve mentioned here keeping with what you’ve seen in the stores and malls so far this fall?  Let us know by commenting below or on our Fan Page.


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