Do It Yourself Halloween Costume Crafts Round Up

Halloween Costume Crafts

Halloween Costume Crafts

This year we wanted to provide a little bit of depth in our Halloween posts.  Yesterday we talked about how to save money on Halloween costumes.  One of our suggestions was that you could save money this Halloween by making your own costumes.  We realize that without instructions this can be a stretch so today we’re going to highlight three blogs that each show, in step by step fashion, how to make your own Halloween costumes.

Four Costumes for Under $10!

DIY Costume by A Heart Full of Love

DIY Popcorn Costume by A Heart Full of Love

First up is Jen over at the A Heart Full of Love blog.  One of the reasons that we’re highlighting this post is that Jen not only provides easy instructions for four really creative costumes, but she also made sure that each costume could be done with $10 or less.  Another wonderful thing about Jen’s post is that judging by the instructions you could probably finish each costume in 25 minutes or less …Sounds too good to be true?  See it for yourself at the A Heart Full of Love Blog.

DIY Angry Birds Costume

DIY Angry Birds Costume by Angry Birds Addiction

DIY Angry Birds Costume by Angry Birds Addiction

Next up is a piece from the Angry Birds Addiction blog.  Given the impact that the Angry Birds game has made upon both young and old, we just had to show you this one.  In this post Van Evalle walks you step by step through the process of making your own Angry Birds costume.

We also liked the fact that these are really good looking costumes that seem to be easy to make thanks to the eight step instructions that Van provided.  Additionally, Van also included a quick YouTube clip, complete with Angry Birds inspired theme music, where he shows off his family’s nifty Angry Birds costumes.

Doggie Chia Pet Costume

Chia Pet Doggie Costume by Kitai

Chia Pet Doggie Costume by Kitai

This third and final post that we’re highlighting is really neat because it’s a doggie costume from The Flirty Blog.  However, unlike the previous posts that we highlighted this one has a lot more steps and is probably for an intermediate to an advanced crafter.  But the end result is so precious that I’m sure it would be more than worth the effort once you and your neighbors see Fido all dressed up as a Chia Pet!

In addition to the novelty of this costume, I like the fact that there were ample illustrations to go along with each step.  There was also link to a separate set of instructions where with more details on how to make and sew the legs of the costume.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our do it yourself Halloween costume blog round up post.  Will you be making your own costumes this Halloween?  Please let us know and we’d love for you to post any pictures that you take to our Fan Page.

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