Online Shopping- Debunking the Three Most Common Online Shopping Myths

Online Shopping Myths

Debunking Online Shopping Myths

Despite the fact that we all need to save more money, many still shy away from online shopping.  This is partly because of three myths that still abound when it comes to online shopping.  Continue reading as we debunk three of the biggest online shopping myths.

Myth 1 – Easy to Overspend

While it is true that the convenience of shopping online can make it easy to overspend, the fact is that you are not any more likely to overspend while shopping online than you are in a physical storefront.  In fact, most physical storefronts place small items near the register in hopes you will make a last minute impulse buy.

One of the best things about online shopping is that you can put everything in your cart, calculate your shipping and know your total before you checkout.  Oftentimes, at a physical store if the total at the register is too high, we don’t feel comfortable putting items away.  We take them instead and deal with the budget fallout later.  Finally, at online stores you can shop for the same items at several online stores, put them in your cart, calculate freight and pick the store that is going to give you the best overall deal.  Not something you can do at the store!!

Myth 2 – Shopping in Person is Safer than Shopping Online

Perhaps the myth that’s responsible for preventing the most consumers from shopping online is that their information will not be safe.  While this is possible, these days it is highly unlikely as online stores have too much to lose if they have a security breach.  This has prompted them to take drastic measures to protect the privacy of their customers.  There are also many third party groups that check and verify a website’s security.  For instance, at Rock Bottom T-Shirts we use McAfee Secure and you can view our security badge on the lower right sidebar of our website and our report by clicking on the badge or visiting our McAfee profile page.

Furthermore, when you shop at a retail store, your information is stored in their main computer system, and this computer system can have security breaches, just like any other.  Many smaller stores also don’t have the same security measures as larger physical stores or like the ones online retailers, regardless of size are required to have.  These days shopping online is just as safe, if not safer than shopping at a store.

Myth 3 – Online Shopping is More Expensive

Another myth is that online shopping is more expensive due to shipping and handling charges.  While this could be true if you don’t shop carefully, in many cases it’s actually the opposite.  In fact, many customers find they can find better deals online than anywhere else by taking advantage of free shipping codes and special promotions.  They also find that even without free shipping or coupons merchandise prices tend to be a little less online.  Don’t forget to take into account the gas you spend getting to a store.  If you live in a more remote area, this can really add up!


These days online shopping is no more dangerous than shopping at a physical store nor is it any more expensive.  Finding great deals online is actually easier than finding great deals anywhere else.  You have to shop around, compare prices, find sales and use coupons.  In the end this can result in huge savings on all kinds of items from household goods and clothing to major appliances.  It just takes a little know how.

Are you looking for ways to stretch your budget online?  Check out this list of resources that we’ve put together to help you save more money online:

Saving Money Online Resources

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