New York Fashion Week Review – Spring/Summer 2012

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

Since we’re still just off the heels of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 we wanted to highlight some of the trends that appeared on the runways of New York.  There are so many trends that came out of New York Fashion week that it is difficult to classify it all into a single theme.  So instead of trying to boil it down into one trend, we’re going to highlight the trends that we saw repeating themselves the most often.

Again the wide variety of trends makes it difficult to use one idea to describe spring/summer 2012 fashion.  However, if we could sum it up with one sentence, we’d say that designers are embracing simplicity and holding on to the idea of vintage-but with a decidedly retro twist.  What follows are the seven trends that we noticed re-occurring in most of the designs that showed up in the Sept 8-15 New York Fashion Week.

  1. Simplicity – Most of the designs that made their way onto the runway last month could be characterized as sophisticatedly simple.
  2. Vintage – We’ve seen lots of vintage inspired fashion throughout 2011.  However, in the spring and summer 2012 fashion designers seem to have broadened their concept of vintage to include not just 20’s fashion, but also 50’s, 70’s and 80’s fashion.
  3. Prints– Prints will be really big this spring and summer.  Many of the designs at last month’s event were clad in floral or paisley prints.  However, it was the unusual
    New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 -Unusual Print is In!  Rodarte Designer Label

    New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 -Unusual Print is In! Image by Style Bistro

    hard to classify prints that seemed to steal the attention (for an example see the image to the right).

  4. Bright Colors – Expect to see more bright colors this spring and summer.  And by bright we mean neon bright and these are primarily your warmer tones (reds, oranges and yellows).
  5. Flowing Fabrics – Whether it was pants, blouses or one piece outfits, the general trend seemed to be flowing fabrics.  Some of the fabric was also pleated which heightens the flowing effect by making your clothes look like they’re blowing in the breeze.
  6. Metallics – Expect to see more metallics this spring and summer, primarily in jewelry, handbags, shoes, belts and other accessories.  However, don’t be surprised if you start seeing more metallic inspired clothing, too, this spring.
  7. Wide Belts – Belts were very noticeable at last month’s event.  It’s as if to complement softer and simpler wardrobe elements designers decided to introduced wider and more eye catching belts and belt buckles.

What do you think about these trends?  Will you be going with the flow and following these trends in your own wardrobe or will you be going with something different?  We’d love your feedback so let us know in the comment section below!

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