Shopping – How to Shop and Save in Your Own Closet

How to Shop in Your Own Closet

How to Shop & Save in Your Own Closet

We’ve put this post together for those times when going to the mall for new clothes is out of the question for you.  So if you want a new wardrobe or maybe just a few new outfits, but aren’t planning to take that trip to the mall try these tips on how to shop and save in your own closet.

Step One – Empty Your Closet

First consider that if you were actually going shopping for a new wardrobe, you would probably take a whole day, right?  Well, this will take at least that much time or maybe even more depending upon how far you take it.  You can begin by taking everything out of your closet and then laying it all out where you can see every piece.

Step Two – Visualize the Possibilities

Next you can start out simple by using your imagination to put pieces together that you haven’t considered putting together before.  That suede vest might look great with that herring bone scarf and you just never thought to try it.  Those gray pants may work fabulously with the jacket from your purple pants suit and you just never saw it because the jacket went with the suit.

Step Three – Creativity in Motion

Now, if you can sew or know someone who is able to sew you can take this concept even further.  Find anything that no longer fits or that has rips, tears, or holes.  Take a look at them and determine what can be used to patch other stuff or what can be combined.  If the bottom of those blue jeans has a rip and those plaid pants no longer fit, cut off the jeans at the knee and do the same with the pants.

Step Four – Needle and Thread

Now sew or have someone else sew the bottom of the pants legs onto the jeans and you have a cute, unique new pair of casual pants for little to nothing-without ever having to leave the comfort of your home to go shopping.

The main thing to keep in mind is to be creative and think outside of the box when it comes to the clothing you already have.  A little creativity in deconstructing and re-creating your garments can go a long way and could actually land you a much more fashionable and unique wardrobe than you might have otherwise gotten had you gone to the mall.  Also, don’t forget about accessories such as shoes, scarves, purses and jewelry as well.  Adding these items to your new ensembles can help create even more new outfits.

On a side note if the reason that you’re staying away from local retailers is that you’re unhappy with their selection another alternative is Rock Bottom T-Shirts.  We give you the convenience of being able to find top quality family wear at incredibly low prices-without you having to leave your home.

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