Shopping with Coupons – Why Extreme Couponing Can be Harmful to Your Finances

Why Extreme Couponing Could be Harmful to Your Finances

Why Extreme Couponing Could be Harmful to Your Finances

Shopping with coupons is all the rage right now and extreme couponing is becoming more popular than ever.  From blogs to T.V. shows, the extreme couponing fad is gaining momentum daily.  While couponing can be a great way to save money, if not handled properly, extreme couponing can also harm your finances.  The problem is that even too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing.

The idea behind shopping with coupons is to buy things that you know you’re going to need anyway for less money than you would have gotten it for had you not used the coupon.  The best way to do this is to combine the coupons with a sale so that you can get the item at an extreme discount or even free.  Many “extreme couponers” take this approach and build on it by stockpiling on the items that frequently go on sale.  Then they combine those frequent sales with coupons and buy enough of the product at the very low price to get them through until the deal comes along again.  While this can certainly help you save lots of money, there’s also a down side to this.

Two hundred dollars is $200 regardless of how much you get for that amount.  If you have that much to spend on groceries in a week, then by all means you should get all that you can for that amount of money.  However, if that $200 blows your budget it does not matter how many rolls of toilet paper or boxes of cereal you got for it.  Your budget is still blown and you will not likely be able to return the products that you bought.  Something else that you need to take care of could end up not getting paid because you overspent on the item that was on sale, which could offset the savings that you realized on your groceries.

This can easily happen to even the savviest consumers.  We get so caught up in the rush of finding a great deal that its easy to forget that the ultimate goal is to save money.  If you have $100 in the grocery budget and you spend $90 on 20 tubes of toothpaste, 40 bottles of shampoo and 100 rolls of toilet paper, you have only left yourself $10 for food.  Even if you have a well-stocked stockpile, you’ll still need certain other things such as meat, eggs, milk, produce, etc.  Sometimes stock piling on non-essentials could cause you to go over budget, do without other much needed grocery items, or even worse let your stockpiled items go to waste.  So just remember that coupons are great, but they still have to be used wisely.

The good news is that when it comes to finding stylish every day wear for the family at affordable prices you don’t need an extreme coupon strategy to save money.  In fact, if you head over to Rock Bottom T-Shirts for your family’s casual clothing you’ll find that shopping with us can help you stretch your budget a whole lot further.

For example, we’ve found that, on average, most of the items in our online store are offered near, at or in some cases even below wholesale prices on comparable items elsewhere.  Not to mention that in addition to our everyday low prices we also offer a new customer coupon code as well as frequent sales.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this piece and would love to hear how you feel about extreme couponing.  Particularly, do you feel that it’s worth it to use this approach to save money or do you find that extreme couponing is more of a hassle than it’s worth?  Let us know by adding your comments to the box below.


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