Reducing Energy Costs- Five No Cost Ways to Cut Your Energy Spending

No Cost Ways to Cut Your Energy Costs - Image of Green Light Bulb

Five No Cost Ways to Cut Your Energy Costs

No matter what time of the year it is saving money on energy is always a major consideration for anyone looking to make ends meet.  But how do you reduce energy costs without spending money?  Energy saving appliances, new windows and energy efficient doors are great, but they come with an initial financial investment that we may often find out of reach.  However, with simple changes in your daily living you can actually make quite a dent in your energy costs without any initial investment.

Here are five ways to cut your energy costs-without spending any money upfront:

1 – Use Blinds to Your Advantage

In the winter open your blinds to let in the sun’s natural heat.  This will require less energy of your heating system.  On extremely hot days you can shut your blinds to keep the sun’s heat out of the house which will require less energy from your cooling system.

2 – Natural Lighting

Use the natural light that is already at your disposal.  Often if you open blinds to let in natural light, there’s no need for you to turn on your electric lights.  A fun game that you can play is to see how long you can go without turning on a light switch.

3 – Indoor Heating and Air

Keep the heat turned down in the winter, dress warmly and use blankets to keep you warm.  There’s no reason to go around the house scantily dressed in the winter while the heat is keeping the temperature at 75 degrees.  Try turning it down to 68 degrees and cover up or throw on a sweater if you get cold to reduce energy costs.

4 – Efficient Appliance Usage

In the summer, use heat producing appliances as little as possible and try not to use them until after the hottest part of the day has passed. In the winter time, leave the dryer, dishwasher, and oven open after use to let the heat out into the house.  This heat has already been generated, and making it work double duty by also warming your home will reduce the load on your heating system.

5 – Plug Air Leaks

Check for drafts in your home and block them.  The most common place for cold air to seep in during the winter and out during the summer is under outer doors.  Simply placing a towel or blanket in front of these cracks even just at night can significantly reduce your energy costs.

We’ve just seen how using these five simple no-cost energy reduction tips can help you save money.  These are small changes, but don’t underestimate them because if you consistently apply all five, these small changes can add up and make a huge difference.  And beyond just being able to save money if we each do our part to cut back on energy usage, we can improve the planet in the process.


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