Budgeting- Learn the Four Secrets to Saving Money on Craigslist

Secrets to Saving Money on Craigslist - hands with lots of dollars

Learn the Secrets to Saving Money on Craigslist

These days it really seems that nearly everyone’s looking for a few ways to save money.  There are obvious ways to save money such as cutting unnecessary costs or using coupons and then there are less known methods.  But the question that really gets the conversation started is what if you need new furniture, appliances or you want a luxury item that you can’t afford? The answer lies in the four secrets, that you’re about to find out, to saving money on Craigslist.

Craigslist can be just the ticket to getting the items you want without short circuiting your budget.  The key is to be careful, flexible and prepared.

Saving Money on Craigslist – Secret 1

The first thing to remember when you’re trying to save money on Craigslist is that you may have to wait for the right deal to come along.  If you’re looking for a new item that’s more of a want than a need, keep your eyes open.  It also helps to keep in mind that the first deal that comes along may not be the right one for you.

Saving Money on Craigslist – Secret 2

Plan to save a certain amount toward what you are looking for each month during your budgeting process, and then keep an eye on Craigslist for someone trying to sell that item.  When you find one that you have the means to pay for go ahead and check it out.

Saving Money on Craigslist – Secret 3

Don’t jump on a deal that sounds too good to be true.  As a safeguard, you should check out every deal before your buy.  Ask questions about anything that concerns you and remember that most often if it seems too good to be true it is.  It’s okay to ask for pictures, ask to see something in person or even to ask why they are selling.  Also, remember to trust your gut feeling because it’s usually right.

Saving Money on Craigslist – Secret 4

Lastly, be flexible.  You may find that great stand mixer that you’ve been wanting at a great price, but maybe it might not be the color you want.  If you’re inflexible on things that don’t make a huge impact on the quality of the product, think hard about whether passing this deal up would really be the best course of action.  If you do choose to forego this purchase just be aware that there’s really a high likelihood that you may not find a comparable item of the same quality.

At the end of the day there are plenty of ways to save money on everyday items.  However, it’s much harder to save on big ticket items and this is exactly where the Craigslist tips that we’ve just shared with you will come in handy.   Do you have a story that you’d like to share about how you saved a ton of money on Craigslist?  Or maybe even about how you wasted money?  Let us know how you’ve fared on Craigslist and don’t forget to retweet this post and like it on our Fan Page!

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