Women’s Fashion: Fall Fashion 2011 Do’s and Don’ts

Womens Fall Fashion - Dos and Donts - image of woman in business attire

Womens Fall Fashion - Dos and Donts

Since fashion relies heavily upon the moods of consumers, who are by nature subjective, most people consider it an art.  On the other hand, since fashion designers are consistently able to use consumer sentiment to make accurate fashion predictions-there is also a social science element to fashion.  This is what makes fashion such an interesting topic.  So today we’re celebrating the balancing act between personal style and fashion trends by publishing a fall 2011 fashion do’s and don’ts post.

Fall 2011 Fashion Do’s


  • Monochromatic– Clothing combinations that use monochromatic color schemes tend to reflect balance and harmony.  Note: monochromatic colors are variations of the same color that range from light to dark.  This fall is a perfect time to experiment with monochromatic colors in your wardrobe.

    Fashion Do: Monochromatic Color Example

    Fashion Do: Monochromatic Color

  • Shiny Colors– Shiny colors have made a huge comeback this fall.  Shiny colors work especially well with accessories.  So this fall do wear purses, jewelry, shoes, etc. that come in shiny or metallic colors such as gold, silver, or sequins.

    Fashion Do: Shiny Colors

    Fashion Do: Purse in Shiny Colors. Image by GlitzUK

  • Navy, Orange – Both navy and orangeare doing tremendously well in fall fashion this year.  If you don’t already have navy and orange in your closet now would be a great time to go out and add pieces in either of these colors.

    Fashion Do: Wearing Orange

    Fashion Do: Wearing Orange


  • Layering – There are many instances in fashion where the really fashionable trends are those that are impractical.  However, this fall we are witnessing practicality in fashion.  For example, layering is really practical (since it allows you to adjust to the temperature by adding or removing layers), and it also happens to be a major trend this fall.  So if you don’t have a couple of hoodies, jackets and overcoats on hand this is a great time to stock up.

    Fashion Do: Dress in Layers

    Fashion Do: Dress in Layers. Image by Miz_Ginevra

  • Vintage – Fall 2011 continues to be a breakout season for vintage fashions.  If you already own your fair share of retro inspired garments you can showcase your fashion awareness by shopping in your own closet.  If you don’t, no worries because Rock Bottom T-Shirts has a vintage t-shirt that you could layer with a long sleeve thermal t-shirt to combine two of this fall’s biggest trends.

    Fashion Do: Womens Vintage Fashion Tunic

    Fashion Do: Womens Vintage Fashion Tunic. Image by Madeline Tosh

  • Gender Neutral– Without a doubt, one of the biggest fashion trends of the fall has been fashion that pushes gender boundaries.  For example, if you’re a woman who enjoys making bold statements through fashion you could do that by combining men’s slacks with the rest of your more feminine attire.

    Woman Wearing a Men's Shirt

    Fashion Do: Gender Neutral Fashion. Image by Nathalie Babineau-Griffiths

Fall 2011 Fashion Don’ts


  • Don’t wear too many colors at one time– Color is an amazing way to celebrate your own unique flair.  However, mixing too many colors could cause you to send confusing messages.

    Fashion Dont: Too Many Colors

    Fashion Don't: Too Many Colors. Image by See-Ming Lee

  • Don’t overlook neutral colors– Just because neutral colors don’t carry as much excitement as bright colors doesn’t mean that you should omit them from your attire this fall.  To the contrary, much of fall 2011 fashion has been inspired by neutral colors.

    Fashion Don't: Neglecting Neutral Colors

    Fashion Don't: Neglecting Neutral Colors. Image by Eden Hensley Silverstein

  • Don’t wear accessories in the same color as your outfit– When it comes to fall 2011 fashion, playing it safe can be a risky proposition.  This is especially true when it comes to your accessories.  Accessories are meant to highlight or bring out the colors that you’re already wearing.  This is why instead of wearing accessories that match your outfit it’s encouraged that you do the opposite.

    Fashion Don't: Neglecting Color Contrast in Accessories

    Fashion Don't: Omitting Color Contrast from Accessories. Image by Miss Blythe


  • Don’t wear it if it’s too small– Just as clothes that are too baggy can undermine an otherwise well put together ensemble, clothes that are too tight can also detract from your presentation.

    Fashion Don't: Ill Fitting Clothing

    Fashion Don't: Ill Fitting Clothing. Image by Skeezix

  • Don’t forget to consider your own personal style– We are all unique which is why we all tend to gravitate towards certain looks and styles.  Part of understanding your uniqueness involves knowing which trends to embrace and which to reject.

    Fashion Don't: Not Considering Your Uniqueness

    Fashion Don't: Not Considering Your Uniqueness. Image by Spaceamoeba

  • Don’t overdo your accessories– Remember that the purpose of accessories is to accent or complement your outfit; so don’t overpower your other garments by wearing too many accessories.

    Fashion Don't: Excessive Accessories

    Fashion Don't: Excessive Accessories. Image by Barbara L. Hanson

We hope that you enjoyed our 2011 fall fashion do’s and don’ts post and would be interested in hearing your feelings.  So feel free to post your comment below and tell us which women’s fashion trends you consider to be do’s and don’ts this fall.

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