Could the Apple iPod be the Hottest Thing to Hit the Fashion Accessories Market in the Last Ten Years?

The Apple iPod Classic

The Apple iPod Classic - A Fashion Accessory Icon

Coming fresh off the heels of the Apple iPod’s tenth birthday on Sunday and Steve Jobs’ passing earlier this month we wanted to present a fresh new angle on our fashion commentary.  Over the past 10 years the iPod has become such an integral part of entertainment, pop-fashion, and culture that it’s difficult to imagine a world without iPods.  This is why today we’re looking at three ways that the Apple iPod has impacted the fashion accessory world over the last decade.

1. Sleek Design– The iPod’s sleek, simple, minimalist design revolutionized the look and feel of mp3 players.  For example, before the iPod’s debut mp3 players were big and clunky devices with a lot of buttons.  In contrast to the appearance of earlier mp3’s the iPod sported a smaller, slimmer frame with beveled edges.  The other characteristic that made the iPod stand out was that instead of having a bunch of buttons it sported a single button in the center of the click pad.  If this isn’t enough, even the iPod’s packaging pushed the limits of creativity.

The Sleek Design of Apple's iPod

The Sleek Design of Apple's iPod. Image by The Daily Monitor

2. Iconic – The out of the box thinking that went into developing the iPod made it an instant work of art.  This forward thinking design that Apple used to engineer the iPod has not gone unnoticed.  In fact, Apple has won numerous design awards since releasing their first iPod in 2001. This has also led to numerous art museums featuring the iPod as a modern work of art.  Hence, the iPod is regularly displayed in art museums across the world as a modern day work of art.  Moreover, the iPod’s popularity or “coolness factor” cuts across almost every major demographic and social strata-all of which has led to the iPod taking on a larger than life status.

Apple iPod as Displayed in London's Science Museum

Apple iPod as Displayed in London's Science Museum. Image by Joe Weiss

3. Accessories Market – You don’t really get a chance to take in the impact that the iPod has had on fashion or in our daily lives, in general, until you look at the iPod accessory market.  In a Wall Street Journal article that was published last year journalist, Yukari Iwatani Kane, estimated the iPod accessories market to be worth $3.7 Billion in 2009.  Speaking of which, isn’t the iPod a fashion accessories in itself?  You be the judge…

The iPod Accessories Market is Still Booming

The iPod Accessories Market - Still Booming! Image by Jan Lindblom

So Happy Tenth Birthday to the Apple iPod!  Thanks to you the fashion accessory world will never be the same!  Feel free to leave us a comment telling us how much impact you feel the iPod has made on fashion accessories or even fashion in general!

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