Nature Inspired Fall Craft Project

Fall Leaf T-Shirt Craft
Fall Leaf T-Shirt Craft

Fall is in full swing and the trees are quickly changing colors and losing their leaves.  A fun way to put those leaves to use, year round, is to put them on a t-shirt.  Okay, not the actual leaves but at least a memory of them.  This cute and quick craft is fun for any age group and can be as detailed or simple as you’d like to make it.

Here’s What You’ll Need:


Fall Leaf T-Shirt Craft Supplies

Fall Leaf T-Shirt Craft Supplies

  • Fabric Paint in fall colors
  • A Bright or Light colored T-Shirt
  • Cardboard about the size of the body of the t-shirt
  • Old Newspaper
  • Paper Plates
  • Paint brush
  • Leaves in all sizes and shapes (Make sure that they are not dried out. They will be too fragile to paint on)

1) Lay out the newspaper on your work surface.

2) Place the cardboard inside the body of the t-shirt so the paint doesn’t bleed through.

3) Squirt several colors of paint onto the paper plate.

Fall Leaf T-Shirt - a Close Up View

Fall Leaf T-Shirt - a Close Up View

4) On another paper plate, lay out a leaf, under-side up. Since the bottom of the leaf will give you the best definition on the t-shirt, this is the area you will want to paint the t-shirt with.  Apply a thin coat of paint from your other paper plate to the leaf.

5) Gently place the leaf, paint side down, on the t-shirt and press the leaf onto the t-shirt. Gently lift up the leaf. Voila! You now have a leaf print on your t-shirt.

6) Repeat with other colors and leaf shapes. Note: Be careful not to shift the leaf once it’s on the t-shirt or you will get a blurry image.

You can also add other decorations to the t-shirt with a fabric pen. We outlined our leaves to give them a little bit more definition and stems. Make sure that you let the t-shirt dry completely if you plan on doing the back of the t-shirt as well. Set the paint by following the instructions on the fabric paint bottle.

We hope that you have lots of fun with this project, and we’d love to see pictures of your completed project! So when you’re done don’t forget to share them with us on our Facebook Fan Page, send them to us in a Tweet, or you can just post a reply in the comments below.

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