Fall Fashion- Why We Could All Use More Fleece in Our Closets Right Now

Women's Fleece Jacket

Women's Fleece Jacket

Fall is in full swing and winter will be here before you know it, which signals not only another change of seasons but a changing of wardrobes as well.  While shorts and capris may have already hit the road, tank tops, tees and bright colors may get to stick around a little longer thanks to one little word-fleece.

Fleece clothing is a fall fashion staple that not only keeps you warm and fashionable in the fall, but it can also extend your summer wardrobe into the cooler months for quite a while.  Not to mention with all the bold, beautiful colors that you can find fleece outerwear in these days, even when your last spring pieces have gone into storage for the winter you can still exude a little spring excitement by layering with brightly colored fleece sweats and hoodies.

Fleece outerwear should be a part of every fall fashion closet.  It is practical, fashionable and highly versatile.  Layer a fleece zip up hoodie over a coordinating tank or tee and you can go from cool mornings to warm afternoons with ease.

In the morning you can pair a women’s fleece jacket with a tank top and/or a long sleeve tee.  And for maximum comfort if it gets too warm in the afternoon you can simply lose the fleece.  Warm enough to make it through a day that is blustery from dawn until dusk and much less bulky than a winter coat, these practical pieces work far beyond fall well into the winter months as well.  In short, this is outer wear that can be “all the time wear” and so much more.

When you consider the large selection of fleece outwear pieces that Rock Bottom T-Shirts offers, at our everyday low prices, there’s really no reason not to include fleece outerwear in your fall fashion wardrobe.

We all need fleece in our closets this time of year.  It doesn’t matter if you have it around for warmth, style or budget, it serves all three purposes simultaneously.  Forget about packing away your favorite summer tank and there is no need to limit your wardrobe to just one fall jacket-day in and day out.  Find your inner fashion diva through the abundance of our fleece outerwear and let your uniqueness shine through.

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2 responses to “Fall Fashion- Why We Could All Use More Fleece in Our Closets Right Now

  1. NO! NO! NO! Fleece is ugly and so not feminine! You can’t promote wearing fleece jackets among women – they make you look frumpty! UGH 😦

  2. Hi Beingzhenya,

    Thank you for stopping by and we appreciate your comment. That’s an interesting point of view. But one of the great things about fashion is that it’s neither 100% art or 100% science.

    Likewise, you could take the same outfit and have multiple people try it on and each person will look different in that same outfit. There will even be some people who the outfit looks really fashionable on and others that it looks out of place on.

    The bottom line is that what’s hot or not hot in fashion is as much a matter someone finding and wearing items that support their own style and push their own uniqueness as it is a matter of trends. That’s why we’ll have to just agree to disagree on this one. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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