An Autumn Leaf T-Shirt Craft

Leaf T-Shirt Craft

Leaf T-Shirt Craft. Image by Disney Family Fun

The leaves are changing and the weather is beautiful!  Why not decorate a fun t-shirt with your family to celebrate the change of weather?  Check out this adorable craft idea we found for you on Disney’s Family Fun site.  What we love about it is the fact that even a beginner sewer can create this seasonal tee.

With only 4 materials and 4 easy steps, you and your family will be in fall fashion in no time.  This simple craft is great to do with your kids and will leave you feeling stylish and festive!

We’re not going to list the entire craft here but will just reiterate that this is a craft that can probably be completed in less than half an hour, and that it would make a perfect exercise for your little beginner sewer.

Also, if you’d like to use one of our t-shirts for this project we’d recommend either using our Long Sleeve Toddler T-Shirt or our Long Sleeve T-Shirt for Boys or Girls.  So if you’d like something fun to do with the family head over to the Family Fun site and give this t-shirt craft a go.

When you’re done you’ll have a great t-shirt that you or your family can wear any time, all while preserving the beauty of fall well into winter.  We hope that you enjoyed this post.  But we’d also like to hear your fall/winter craft ideas.  Please feel free to share them with us by commenting below or mentioning them on our Fan Page.  Thanks!

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