Four Fashion Tips to Keep You Warm and Fashionable this Winter

2011 Winter Fashion Tips

2011 Winter Fashion Tips

Winter fashion presents a unique challenge.  Namely, how do you present your personal style in a way that is flattering, yet comfortable in the harsh winter weather?  The answer could be simpler than you think.  In this post we’re going to reveal several ways that you can be fashionable and cozy at the same time.

This winter, fashion is all about being casual when it comes to winter styles.  Additionally, fashion designers are expecting to see many of the 2011 fall fashion trends overlap into this winter.  This would include an emphasis on retro styles, bold colors and layering.

The Retro Ski Look

70’s styles have been hot this year, and as noted in several of our previous posts, we expect that the retro inspired look will continue to provide you with great fashion throughout the winter season.  One of the looks that you’ll see this winter is the retro ski jacket look.  Additionally, you can pair one of these with a retro t-shirt to complete the 70’s look.

Tattered Vintage Clothing

Another vintage look that seems to be gaining some traction in winter fashion is the tattered vintage style.  What’s great about this style is that you can save money on this style by taking old items such as jeans and tattering them yourself.  Want a tattered look that’s warm and ready to go?  Check out our Juniors Zip Hoodie and Sweatpants with raw cut edges that give you the tattered look without the work!

Bold Prints for Winter Fashion

Another retro trend that you could get a lot of mileage out of this winter is going with bold prints.  Bold patterns will be really popular this winter.  This would include plaids, animal prints, paisley prints and floral prints.  Your ability to mix and match these bold patterns with more quiet monotone, colored garments will be the key to making this look work.

Layering this Winter

While less is usually more, layering and combining your wardrobe will definitely be “in” this winter, practically guaranteeing that you’ll stay warm and look good at all times.  What’s really nice about the layered look is that in addition to allowing you to self-regulate your own body temperature, this look also allows you to hold on to spring and summer favorites such as t-shirts year around.

At the end of the day deciding what to do with these winter fashion tips will be about considering your own style and merging those with the current winter fashion trends.  So don’t forget that fashion is as much about embracing your own uniqueness as it is about keeping up with the latest styles and trends.  Do you have any suggestions or thoughts that you’d like to share with us on winter fashion?  Please let us know by commenting below.  You can also like this post on our Fan Page.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Such a good help. 🙂

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