Three Reasons that Mommy Bloggers Rock

Mommy Bloggers Rock

Mommy Bloggers Rock

We’ve done our fair share of posts that reference other bloggers.  However, we’ve never really published anything that focused solely upon mommy bloggers.  Today that all changes, because this post is all about mom bloggers and the imprint that they leave upon the blogospshere.  Follow us as we look at how mom blogs enrich the web, as well as point out three mom bloggers that really rock!

Mommy Blogs – A Brief Summary

Before we mention any specific mom blogs it would be helpful to share some background information with you about mommy blogs, in general.

  • Represent Diverse Backgrounds– The mom blog community represents a highly diverse group of bloggers.  They encompass all age groups, social and ethnic strata and geographic regions.  So while we often hear of mom bloggers being described as this monolithic group of women that blog about the same thing, this just isn’t the case.
  • Not Confined Solely to Motherhood– Contrary to what the name mommy blogger might suggest, mothers who blog do not limit themselves to posts about their kids.  In fact, there are many mom bloggers who for this reason don’t like using the “mommy blog” label.  Of course, there are many mothers who do blog about family related issues.  But that doesn’t make up the entirety of topics that they write about.  For example, you’re just as likely to hear a mom blogging about advanced search engine optimization or Roth IRA’s as you are to hear them talking about their kids.
  • Web Savvy – Although the mom blog community is diverse and represents new and established bloggers alike, there are more mommy bloggers rising to the ranks of the Internet’s top social media professionals.  As a result there are mom bloggers who command followership into the millions.

If you’d like more insights into mommy bloggers, here’s an article that does a nice job explaining what mommy bloggers are not.

This post would not be complete if we didn’t mention at least a few mom blogs that we enjoy visiting.  And just as a disclaimer, we publish a significant amount of craft project posts on our blog.  So if you feel that our list below is skewed towards craft blogs then hopefully this explains why.

Three Mom Bloggers that Rock!

  • Tip Junkie –   Tip Junkie is a blog website run by Laurie Turk.  Laurie covers crafts, decorating, organizing and giveaways.  What makes Tip Junkie so unique is the level of organization and attention to detail that she puts into her website.  Her blog looks like it could easily rival the most well-known home decorating print magazines; however. Tip Junkie is more of a two way street where readers can submit their own tips as well as add their own flavor to the site.
  • Scary Mommy – Scary Mommy is owned by a mother of three, named Jill.  Since a sizeable portion of Scary Mommy’s posts are related to motherhood, out of this group, she probably comes the closest to fitting into the mold that mom bloggers are often cast into.  However, she does discuss lots of other topics too that would appeal not only to mothers, but also to a wider audience.  The thing that makes Jill’s blog so refreshing is that her tone is unapologetically candid on every topic that she explores – we find that really refreshing.
  • How Does She? – This blog is actually run by three bloggers: Alison, Shelley, and Missy.  Additionally, there are several other bloggers who guest post to this blog.  Topics here cover a wide range of women’s interest topics such as fashion, home, crafts, cooking, etc.  The thing that gives this blog its uniqueness is the celebratory tone that many of their posts exude.  It’s almost like saying, not only do moms do “abc”, but they also do “x,y,z” as well as “1,2,3”.

So we hope that we’ve achieved our aim in this post, which is to celebrate mom blogs and point out several noteworthy mom blogs.  Do you have a favorite mommy blog?  Let us know by commenting below.


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