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Which 2011 Fashion Trend Would You Like to See Again in 2012? [Poll Question]

Which Fashion Trend You'd Like to See Make it Into 2012

Which 2011 Fashion Trend You'd Like to See Make it Into 2012

We’ve talked quite a bit about casual fashion trends this year.  Since the casual trends that became the most popular in 2011 have also been exceptionally practical, we were curious about something.  Namely, we wanted to know if there was a 2011 casual style or look that you’d really like to see continue into the new year? Continue reading

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Women’s Casual Fashion – What to Expect in 2012

2012 Women's Casual Fashion

What Does 2012 Hold in Store for Women's Casual Fashion?

Are you curious about how women’s casual fashion will look in 2012?  If you are, then continue reading because we’re about to share three women’s fashion trends that we believe will loom large this upcoming year.  And while on one hand there’s probably some carryover from 2011 into 2012, there’s probably at least one trend on the list that will catch you by surprise. Continue reading


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What We Learned from the Boutique Clothing Craft Series in 2011

Looking Back at the Boutique Clothing Craft Series

Looking Back at the Boutique Clothing Craft Series in 2011

The 2011 Class of Rock Bottom T-Shirts Boutique Clothing Craft owners have proven that the entrepreneurs that run applique and embroidery shops are dynamic . This group of business people is nothing if not resilient, resourceful, savvy and well balanced. For proof just continue reading! Continue reading

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2011 Fashion Review – What Stood Out in 2011 Fashions?

A Look Back at 2011's Biggest Fashion Trends

As we move into 2012, we wanted to take a look back at 2011 fashion to see which trends stood out.  A review of 2011 fashion indicates that a number of fashion trends that originated in previous years had hit their stride and became mainstream in 2011. Continue reading as we summarize the biggest fashion trends of 2011. Continue reading


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Reader Survey – Which of the Following is on Your 2012 New Year’s Resolution List?

2012 New Year's Resolution

2012 New Year's Resolution

With the new year right around the corner we thought we’d ask about 2012 New Year’s Resolutions.  Happy Holidays! Continue reading

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How to Start Your Own Applique Business – Lessons from Applique Café’s Rosemary Gulledge

How to Start Your Own Applique Business 


How to Applique T-Shirts

How to Applique T-Shirts

In 2007 I quit my full time job to become a stay at home mom.  The transition of going from a full time working woman to a full time mom was challenging.  It made me realize, really quickly, how much I needed a hobby.  So I decided to find a hobby just to help me keep my sanity.  Although I’d only taken one sewing class in my entire life (not counting the pillow I made in Home Economics back in ninth grade), I’d always adored seeing or wearing anything that was monogrammed.   So that was it…I decided to make embroidery my new hobby.

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Four Last Minute Gift Ideas that Don’t Require Wrapping

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

No matter how much early holiday shopping we manage to accomplish, there’s almost always a need to buy, at least, a few last minute gifts.  This is especially true if you were unable to plan ahead for the holidays.  The great thing about the four last minute gifts that we’re about to share with you is that they’re all wonderful gift ideas that you don’t need to wrap. Continue reading

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