Holiday Sales – Why You Shouldn’t Overlook After Holiday Sales

After Christmas Sales and Savings

After Christmas Sales and Savings

When we think about holiday shopping, what we’re usually thinking about are Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.  And while these days present great opportunities to save money, if you’ve missed these two shopping holidays by no means should you feel that you’ve missed out on all of the deals.  As a matter of fact, sometimes after holiday sales, such as the day after Christmas or year-end sales, can present the best sales of the year.

What you’ll usually find with year-end or after Christmas sales is that retailers don’t want to hang on to anything that they were unable to sale during the holiday season.  In most cases retailers aren’t in a position to return these items to their suppliers.  So to get these products out of their inventory, both traditional and online stores tend to mark them down drastically.

This gives you a few options.  The first is that you can stock up on items that you would have already needed to buy anyway and simply reap the savings.  These would include items such as new clothing and apparel or any other household items.  Alternatively, you can give them out as a way of saying thank you to anyone who invited you to a holiday party.  Don’t forget your friends that have upcoming Spring birthdays or Valentine’s Day.  These holidays are right around the corner, and you can get ready during the After Christmas sales and save lots of money, too.

Another benefit of the after holiday sales is the ability to restock your Christmas supplies for the following year.  Some of the best items to purchase during these year-end sales are items such as Christmas wrapping paper, tags, bows and ribbons along with ornaments, lights and other decorations.  That $7 roll of wrapping paper you wanted before Christmas Day could be as cheap as 50 cents the day after Christmas.  You can stock up on supplies for the next several Christmases at a fraction of what those items would have cost you prior to the holiday season.

After holiday sales are also the time to pick up your larger Christmas needs as well. If you need to get a new artificial tree, then the best time to get it is the day after Christmas.  Christmas decoration storage bins, large outdoor decorations and a variety of other Christmas necessities are all cheaper if you wait until the holidays are over.

Do you have any after holiday shopping tips that you’d like to share?  Please let us know with a comment below.  Alternatively, you can use the ratings buttons below to rate the post.  Want to know what Rock Bottom T-Shirts will be doing for an after holiday sale?  Like us on Facebook so you can be the first to know about the great deals!


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2 responses to “Holiday Sales – Why You Shouldn’t Overlook After Holiday Sales

  1. Great post, I know that in some cases many people’s business picks up AFTER the holiday season. In any case, it’s a great time to take advantage of sales.

  2. Hi CTP, that’s certainly true. Much of this is driven by the sales that tend spring up every year after the holidays. Which as you pointed out makes it a perfect time for consumers to take advantage of great sales.

    Thanks for your comment, CTP!

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