Top Three Favorite T-Shirt Craft Videos on YouTube – Round Up

T-Shirt Craft Project Reviews

T-Shirt Craft Project Reviews

We’ve done several round ups before where we share our thoughts on various bloggers and blog posts.  However, today we’re going to change the tempo by rounding up three different YouTube videos that relate to t-shirt crafts.  Continue along as we share with you three of our favorite t-shirt craft video tutorials.

The first video that we’re rounding up is from craft expert Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood of CraftSanity.  In this video she appeared on the TV show, Take Five & Company, and showed viewers how to recycle t-shirts into necklaces.

We enjoyed the fact that the craft project in this video only requires you to have a pair of scissors and one or two old t-shirts.  She finished the entire craft project in the time that it took to watch the video – we found that quite amazing because the necklaces turned out wonderfully.  As a side note, when Jennifer presented the necklaces they reminded us of really creative neck warmer.

CraftSanity on TV: Recycling T-Shirts into Necklaces

CraftSanity Illustrates How to Turn a Tee into a Boa Scarf

CraftSanity Illustrates How to Turn a T-Shirt into a Boa Scarf

The next video that we’re rounding up is a video that was published by Janiew48.  Janie’s video walks you through the process of turning a t-shirt into a cloth diaper.  The nice thing about this video is that it’s only one of two videos that I was able to find on YouTube that shows you how to make a diaper out of a t-shirt.  Additionally, this craft project looks like it can be done fairly quickly in only has six steps.

The only downsides to this video are that 1) you do need a sewing machine to complete this craft and 2) the unconventional delivery style of this video takes some getting used to.  But outside of these two items this craft is great because it’s a practical way to save both your money and the environment, as well.

Make Prefold Cloth Diapers from old T-shirts

Turn Your T-Shirt into a Diaper

How to Turn Your T-Shirt into a Diaper

The last craft project video is from Liz Russo of Craft-Stop and shows you how to use t-shirts to make a boa scarf.  What’s significant about Liz’s video is that it’s actually her review of a project she saw in Megan Nicolay’s book called Generation T: Beyond Fashion 120 New Ways to Transform a T-Shirt.  This is another example of a t-shirt craft that doesn’t require sewing-which means that anyone can do it.  Additionally, this project only requires you to have three things -two t-shirts (preferably in alternating colors), a pair of scissors and a ruler.

Although this project doesn’t require sewing, it is not a quick project.  Based upon watching the video it looks like this project would require between thirty minutes to an hour to complete.  But as with the other videos the finished product looks really creative and very professional.  It looks like something that you could easily find in a major retailer for $20 or more, so it’s definitely worth the time.

How-to Craft Video: No-Sew Generation T Shirt Transformed into Fun Boa Scarf

No-Sewing Required T-Shirt into a Scarf Craft

No-Sewing Required T-Shirt into a Scarf Craft

This concludes our YouTube t-shirt craft round up.  If you know of any great t-shirt craft videos please comment below to let us know.  You can also rate this post using the ratings feature found below the post.  And if you find yourself short on t-shirts to try these projects with, you can head over to the Rock Bottom T-Shirts store to stock up on a wide variety of fashionable tees for less.

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