Green Christmas – How to Plan for a Greener Holiday

Have a Green Christmas

Have a Green Christmas

More often than not when people mention the term “Green Christmas”, they’re simply referring to the fact that it probably won’t snow on Christmas Day.  However, that term can also refer to adopting a more environmentally friendly approach to holiday traditions.  In this post we’ll attempt to show you how to make this Christmas just a little bit greener.

Energy Efficient Lighting – The first thing that you can do to start planning a green Christmas this year is to address the decorations that you use to dress your home,   particularly your lighting.  This includes lights for your porch, the Christmas tree, etc.

  • Find all of your standard lighting decorations from prior years and trade them for LED lights. There are several advantages to using LED lighting aside from the positive environmental impact.  Because LEDs use less electricity, they’re cheaper to use than regular lights.  LED lights do not give off heat, which makes them safe for any room in the house.
  • You can buy strings of LED lights that are programmable, which means that you can have your lights change colors and go through chase patterns to add dynamics to your decorating display. LED lights also tend to be brighter than standard lights which will help them to stand out more.
  • Not only can you program your lights to have cool patterns and colors, but you can also program them to turn off and on automatically.  This not only helps you save energy by not having them on all night long, but it can also help it seem like you are home when you are away from the holidays.

Environmentally-Friendly Christmas Trees – Getting a real Christmas tree is a tradition that many families look forward to every year.  You can have a green Christmas by finding environmentally friendly ways to deal with your tree when Christmas is over.  If you have a large enough backyard, plant your tree to start your own Christmas tree forest.  If you maintain the tree during the holiday season, then it should take root when you plant it.  If you do not have the room to plant your Christmas tree, then contact your city or town to find out how to recycle your tree into wood chips that are used in landscaping and for wood stove fuel.

Recycling Gift Wrap– A third and final technique that you can use to have an even greener Christmas this year is to cut back on the amount of gift wrapping paper that you use or throw away.  Otherwise, the gift wrapping paper can become a source of environmental waste.  The easiest way to conserve your wrapping paper is to wait until after Christmas and then put your used wrapping paper in the recycling bin instead of the garbage. You can also begin buying re-usable gift bags in the place of wrapping paper or consider using old newspaper or magazines to wrap your gifts.

These are just a few things that you can do to make this Christmas a greener Christmas.  Happy Holidays and may your holiday season be green!

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