Holiday Gift Giving Ideas – Gift Giving Ideas under $10

Holiday Gifts Under $10

Holiday Gifts Under $10

One of the biggest misconceptions about shopping during the holidays is that if you want to buy nice gifts for your loved ones they have to be expensive.  For example, if your Christmas shopping list includes a large number of loved ones, then common convention says that if you want to purchase nice gifts you may have to leave someone out.  However, that’s not necessarily true. Follow along as we show you how to find great gifts under $10.

One of the keys to finding great Christmas gifts under $10 is having a good understanding of what your recipients like.  Here are several examples.

Is one of the people on your list a sports enthusiast?  If they are, you’ve got a lot of options at your disposal. For example, you can give licensed gifts from your recipient’s favorite sports team such as a baseball cap, a coffee mug, a poster or a keychain. If your sports enthusiast does a lot of working out then inexpensive gifts such as headbands, wristbands or an inexpensive MP3 player for listening to music while working out would be appropriate.

If you’re getting a gift for someone who likes movies, then the opportunities are endless.  A great place to find gifts for movie buffs is the bin of discounted DVDs at your local retailer.  These bins are bound to have titles that your movie buff would enjoy. You could also visit the movie rental store to purchase previously viewed DVDs at discount prices.  Movie posters, the CD soundtrack to an older movie or any other piece of movie memorabilia would be a great gift for the movie lover in your life.

If you don’t really know what the person likes, there are several general gift giving ideas that you almost can’t go wrong with.  This would include items such as memorable desk calendars, music CDs, stuffed animals, small gift baskets with fruit or other items in them, books or decorative pen sets.

Since Rock Bottom T-Shirts has such a wide selection of top quality t-shirts under $10 along with other options for the family, you couldn’t go wrong heading over to our store to find gifts.  And if you really wanted to splurge you could always get your loved one a $25 gift certificate from Rock Bottom T-Shirts.

Now that you have the information that you need to find great holiday gifts under $10, we wish you a wonderful holiday season-Happy Holidays!


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