Holiday Charities & Giving – Why Charitable Giving Matters

Charitable Giving Matters

Charitable Giving Matters

During the holiday season many charitable organizations begin increasing their fundraising efforts. While we sometimes wonder if charities still matter in 2011, the holidays are here which makes the urge to help the less fortunate ring even louder. So today we’ll be sharing our thoughts on why charitable giving still matters.

There are several reasons why giving to charities that help children and other forms of charitable organizations are still important in these modern times.

Improves the Community Around Us

When we give to charities what we are really doing is telling the individuals that we’re giving to that we care.  The power behind this is that it helps to build the self-worth in both the giver and the receiver.  The giver is able to feel the sense of dignity that can only come when you consider the needs of someone else’s over your own.  Likewise, the person on the receiving end of your kindness also feels a deep satisfaction in knowing that someone cares.

Great Way to Reflect Your Values

While it’s good that our governmental institutions already give a percentage of their revenues to non- profit organizations, the recipients do not always reflect our deepest concerns.  On the other hand, when you give directly to the organization of your choice you are reflecting your values as an individual.  This is something that goes beyond simply telling someone what you believe in because when you take the time out of your schedule to volunteer or when you withhold a portion of your income to help someone else you are also making a symbolic gesture that says more than words could ever say.

Reinforces the Need to be Resourceful

Often times if you listen to people that consistently give a certain percentage of their income to charities or religious organizations, you might notice a strange trend.  The topic of them having more money when they give seems to be recurring.  One reason for this is that when you know that a certain percentage of your funds has already been allocated to a worthy cause, you automatically become more resourceful.

Whether or not this is a subconscious mechanism kicking in or whether it’s something of a more spiritual nature is unknown.  But one thing for sure is that there are an abundance of studies indicating that those who give tend to be better off than people who do not give.

We’ve just shown you three reasons that giving is as important as ever.  We’d also like to end by letting you know that every time you purchase camouflage clothing from Rock Bottom T-Shirts that you’re donating to a worthy cause.  It’s true we give 2% of our sales on all of our Stars & Stripes and camouflage clothing to the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund and the Fisher House.

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