Four Last Minute Gift Ideas that Don’t Require Wrapping

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

No matter how much early holiday shopping we manage to accomplish, there’s almost always a need to buy, at least, a few last minute gifts.  This is especially true if you were unable to plan ahead for the holidays.  The great thing about the four last minute gifts that we’re about to share with you is that they’re all wonderful gift ideas that you don’t need to wrap.

As you are about to see, in addition to the fact that gifts are timely, affordable and don’t require wrapping paper they are also very appropriate for the holidays.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are great last minute gift ideas for just about anyone on your list. However, one consideration that you should keep in mind with gift cards is to make sure that you get your recipient a card they’ll actually use. So try to find out what the recipient likes, beforehand, so you can be sure to get a card from a place that she will enjoy.  Alternatively, you can get a general gift card, like a prepaid American Express gift card, that can be used anywhere that credit cards are accepted.

Lottery Tickets

Although people enjoy the idea behind lottery tickets, they don’t necessarily want to spend their own money purchasing them.  This makes lottery tickets the perfect last minute holiday gift.   Furthermore this is a holiday gift that you can adapt to any holiday by simply adding the appropriate holiday card and enclosing your ticket(s).

Chocolate Candy

The fact that so many people love chocolate makes this one of the safest last minute gifts that you can find.  Additionally, the nice thing about giving a box of chocolate candy as a holiday gift is that you can find them at almost any local retailer.  To give this gift a holiday feel the only thing that you really need to do is add a bow.

Event Tickets

Event tickets also make wonderful last minute gift ideas. If you are trying to buy a gift for a movie buff, then get her two tickets to an after-Christmas showing of a new movie.  Likewise, if there is a concert coming to town that you know your recipient wants to see but does not have tickets for yet, this could be a perfect gift.

By the way, Rock Bottom T-shirts gift certificates are another great addition to your recipients’ holiday stockings.  They come in multiple denominations and can be used to purchase a wide variety of affordable blank clothing options, on our website, for the entire family.

We hope that you’ve found this post to be informative and welcome last minute gifts ideas that you may have with us too.  Now that you’re all set for the holidays, we wish you a wonderful holiday season!  Happy Holidays!

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