2011 Fashion Review – What Stood Out in 2011 Fashions?

A Look Back at 2011's Biggest Fashion Trends

As we move into 2012, we wanted to take a look back at 2011 fashion to see which trends stood out.  A review of 2011 fashion indicates that a number of fashion trends that originated in previous years had hit their stride and became mainstream in 2011. Continue reading as we summarize the biggest fashion trends of 2011.

A Color Explosion in 2011

2011 Color Explosion

2011 Color Explosion

A big part of 2011 fashion has to do with the reappearance of color in all kinds of wardrobes. Bright colors that may not have worked in previous years together are suddenly finding their way on to store racks and shelves. For example, more people are starting to wear bright blue shirts with bright red pants.

The color explosion is even starting to reach footwear as dress shoes are showing up in more colors than just black and sneakers are starting to have their own dashes of color as well. Color seemed to take on more importance as the winter fashions started to come out, and it looks like this will continue into 2012.

Vintage Inspired Fashion

2011 has been a breakout year for vintage fashions.  We saw this in the form of a renewed interest in authentic vintage wear as well as in new designs that were heavily influenced by vintage styles. One of the things that makes vintage clothing so convenient is that it allows you to take advantage of pieces that you probably already have in your own closet.  If you’re fresh out of vintage pieces, it’s ok because Rock Bottom T-Shirts has several vintage t-shirts that would work well with a zip up hoodie or underneath a vintage button down.

Bold Color Prints

Whereas in previous years we’ve seen designers balance soft colors with loud accents, this year we saw designers leaning more heavily on elaborate prints.   These types of prints pair nicely with monotone colors.  And we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some carry-over of plaid, leopard, python and floral prints into 2012.

Sports – Fashion Takeover

Ricky Fowler's Influence on Golf and Fashion

Ricky Fowler's Influence on Golf and Fashion. Image by Wikipedia

As both younger and older generations have become more active outdoors, we’ve seen sports make a bigger impact on casual fashion than we’ve seen in years past.  So a 2011 fashion review cannot be complete without mentioning some of the new sports fashions that are finding their way into everyday life.

Golf has taken on a more prominent role in fashion as younger golfers such as Ricky Fowler have impacted golf fashion.  In response, we’ve seen the casual fashion world take notice. Golf style pants that come in plaid are being teamed up with neon colored golf shirts.  Ditto for golf visors and caps as well!

To summarize it, 2011 has been an amazing year for fashion.  But it has been more astounding for those who have embraced their own unique style and creativity through personal fashion.  Here’s to even greater year for fashion in 2012!

What do you think about 2011 fashion?  Are you hoping some trends will stay and others will go?  Let us know by commenting below!


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4 responses to “2011 Fashion Review – What Stood Out in 2011 Fashions?

  1. I loved the emergence of the vintage style this year. And a hoodie always adds that subtle accent that makes just about any outfit “pop”.

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