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Three Ways to Reduce the Overall Costs of Running an Etsy Store

Reducing Etsy Cost

How to Reduce the Cost of Running Your Etsy Store

Etsy is an amazing online community for people who buy or sell handmade items.  One of the reasons that Etsy has taken the crafting community by storm is the long list of benefits offered to Etsy sellers. However, even with as many resources as they offer, running an Etsy store can still be an expensive proposition. Follow along as we show you three ways to lower the overall costs of running your Etsy storefront. Continue reading


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Three Prevailing Fashion Color Trends in 2012

Fashion Color Trends 2012

Fashion Color Trends 2012

Each year brings about various changes in fashion color trends.  Sometimes these are major changes and other years the shift in trends is so small that it’s difficult to notice that a change has ever occurred.  After pouring through this year’s fashion and color trend reports, we can definitively say that 2012 is unique.   Continue reading as we share the three prevailing color trends of 2012. Continue reading

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Saving Money – Three Things to Know about Spending Fasts

What's a Spending Fast?

What's a Spending Fast?

It’s probably no secret that, as consumers, many of us struggle to get ahead financially.  Often, we have the tools that are required to improve our savings and finances but we just don’t know how to start.  So what do you do if you find yourself in this situation?  Continue reading to find out three things about spending fasts that can help you improve your finances. Continue reading

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Saving Money – How Expensive Items Can Save You Even More

ExpensiveProducts Can Save You Money Too

Expensive Products Can Save You Money Too

In these economic times, saving money is a top priority for so many people. However, sometimes saving money can be easier said than done.  As a result, families that are looking for ways to cut costs are often forced to do so by sacrificing high quality for a low price.  But as you will see in the rest of this post, sometimes it’s the expensive item that will save you more money. Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLVI Is Almost Here – Are You Ready?

Super Bowl XLVI - Giants vs Patriots

Super Bowl XLVI - Giants vs Patriots

Now that the New York Giants and the New England Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl, the suspense is finally over!  The only question remaining is are you geared up with fresh new apparel for you and your family? Continue reading

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Fashion Blogger Highlight – Looking Back on Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Looking Back at Berlin Fashion Week 2012

Although Berlin Fashion Week 2012 is officially over, it’s impact will be felt by the rest of the fashion world for some time to come.  Even though it primarily served to reinforce some of the trends foretold last year, by all accounts Berlin made a huge statement.  In today’s post we’re putting the spotlight on several blog posts that covered the festivities in Berlin. Continue reading

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Children’s Clothes – Children’s Clothes Throughout the Ages

The History of Children's Clothes

The History of Children's Clothes

Over the ages children’s clothing has undergone significant changes.  Perhaps one of the biggest changes in children’s fashion is the fact that until recently the idea of “children’s fashion” didn’t exist.  However, today children’s clothing gets more attention than ever before.  Follow along as we elaborate on the history of children’s clothing throughout the ages. Continue reading


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