Three Affordable Ways to Recycle Your 2011 Closet into a Brand New 2012 Wardrobe

Recycle Your Wardrobe in 2012

Recycle Your Wardrobe in 2012

Recycling clothes to update your wardrobe is a great way to cut back on your clothing budget while updating your look for 2012. In some cases, something as easy as adding a few small touches to your wardrobe can make a world of difference.

The underlying theme behind recycling your wardrobe is that spending money on an entirely new 2012 wardrobe is not necessary.   This is especially true considering the fact that you can achieve a new look by simply adding or subtracting elements from your current wardrobe.

Tip # 1 – Using Accessories to Your Advantage

The easiest way to recycle your wardrobe is to update it by recycling your staple items and complimenting them with brand new accessories. For example, you can keep the same pants, shirts, blouses, jackets and sweaters that you wore last year if you pair them with a new hat.

Or you can try your sweater with a brand new belt; you can make it a thin belt, to give it a dressier look or a chunky belt for a more casual look. New shoes with a new belt can make last year’s pants look like this year’s fashion statement. You could also lose the belt and wear your shirts out instead of tucked-in for 2012. Small changes to the accessories in your wardrobe can make a lot of difference.

Tip # 2 – Recycling Your Wardrobe with Dye

If you’re looking for a more drastic way to recycle your clothes or update your wardrobe, then consider dying your clothes. That light blue t-shirt that everyone is used to seeing you in would look completely different in red.  Your favorite pink hat would create a different look if it were black.  For dark colors, take a spray bottle with bleach or a paint brush with bleach and create patterns on your shirt to give it a whole new look!  And if you’re feeling really adventurous then get the rubber bands and try some colorful tie-dye looks for your wardrobe (you can use our tie-dye craft post as a reference).

For certain items such as t-shirts, hats and jeans; tie-dye is becoming especially popular again!

Tip # 3 – Scissors Can Be a Recycler’s Best Friend

A pair of scissors can help you start recycling clothes to update your wardrobe and completely change your look. All it takes is a few strategic cuts on various pieces of your wardrobe, and you can have a look that is slightly familiar but very different for 2012.  For example, you can turn that old pair of fading jeans into a pair of shorts.  Alternatively, you can cut the sleeves off of your t-shirts to create tank tops.

We hope that this helps you to update your 2011 wardrobe while cutting costs for 2012.  Also, if you have any suggestions on recycling your wardrobe please let us know.

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